About Us

Our Mission

To be the premier hub for remote and telecommuting jobs; connecting job seekers with employers for work-from-home opportunities.

Why We Started SkipTheDrive.com

Since our founding, we have stayed true to our mission of service and have created a user-friendly experience for employers and job seekers alike. By dedicating our site exclusively towards jobs containing remote work, we’re able to tailor our features towards helping those find flexible jobs. We pride ourselves on the fact that many of the jobs you’ll find listed on SkipTheDrive allow you to work from home with Fortune 500 companies.

About Me

SkipTheDrive work from home jobs founded by Peter M.

Peter M. – Founder & CEO

Hi! I’m Peter Metz, founder and CEO of Skip The Drive LLC, and a proud advocate of working remotely. After I got a taste of telecommuting while working for a software company, I realized that I couldn’t see myself working in a traditional workplace anymore. Ever since I began working from home, I’ve fallen in love with my new work/life balance that had previously been impossible. After having a child, this flexibility became even more important and allows me to stay at home while advancing my professional interests simultaneously.

My goal in starting SkipTheDrive was to help those interested transition into remote work, allowing them to reap the benefits that have meant so much to me. Whatever your needs are, I am happy to work with you, and I encourage you to reach out to me with any questions or comments that you may have.

If there’s one thing you should know about me, it’s that I enjoy playing matchmaker between job seeker and employer!