About Us

Our Mission

To be the premier hub for remote and telecommuting jobs; connecting job seekers with employers for work-from-home opportunities.

About Me

Pete Metz
I’m Peter Metz, founder and CEO of Skip The Drive LLC, and a proud advocate of working remotely. After I got a taste of telecommuting while working for a software company, I realized that I couldn’t see myself working in a traditional workplace anymore. So long, corporate America!

What Motivates Me?

Every day I look forward to seeing my kids when they’re finished with daycare. I’m also a Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu fanatic, and have been doing that since 2010. When I’m not doing BJJ, you’ll probably see me at a local ice cream shop treating my sweet tooth.

Press Mentions (a.k.a. “tuting my horn”)

Why I Started SkipTheDrive.com

My goal in starting SkipTheDrive was to help those interested transition into remote work, allowing them to reap the benefits that have meant so much to me. I know the frustration of trying to find work from home, and I feel that I can help others find their dream job.