10 Best-Paid Telecommuting Jobs

Working from home is a dream for many people, but the question is, would it pay enough for them to be able to quit their standard office day job? Well, if they have one of these jobs, it very well could be.


As an accountant working from home, you can make about $78,000 on average, and the highest paid accountants who work remotely are easily making 6 digit incomes. It is just as easy to become a telecommuting CPA as one working at an office too!


Because programming is so centered on computers, you can usually do this from the comfort of your home so long as you have a decent computer. What’s the best part about programming from home? You can grab a cup of java from the kitchen and then go use your Java skills on the computer! Computer coding is easily one of the most in-demand skills.


If you can type fast and know several languages, you can be a translator. If you know Español, no one will care if you’re simply a stay-at-home madre. They just want their documents translated accurately, and they’re willing to pay the big bucks for your time.

Public Relations Professional

Public relations is all about talking to people, and you can talk to people on the phone and over the Internet just as easily at home as you could from the office. Plus, you can make on average $104,000 per year, which should compensate for a slightly heftier monthly home phone bill.

Home Business Owner

Entrepreneurship is a great way to make money and be your own boss at the same time. If you’ve ever wanted to make money doing your dream, this is your chance, and you can do it from the comfort of your very own home office.

Freelance Writer

If you’re a good writer, freelance writing and editing is a career that is very much in-demand and can pay about $77,000 a year. Why not write your way into a freelance career?

Virtual Assistant

If the two most fulfilling things in your life are helping others and staying at home in your pajamas all day, then being a virtual assistant is the way to go. Bonus points if your third favorite thing is making a ton of money.

Call Center Worker

Hello? This is $75,000 by working at home calling? Are you home? If not, you should be!

Computer Support Specialist

Technology can be hard, so if you understand computers, you’ll definitely find good work as a freelancer.

Financial Planner

People are looking to have guidance about where to put their money, and if you become a telecommuting financial planner, you can tell them to give it to you.

If any of these careers pique your interest and you also want to work from home, now is the time to start searching. We’re here to help!