10 Remote Jobs for People Who Love to Travel

Have you ever struggled with balancing your urge to travel and supporting yourself financially at the same time? Yes, it is a conundrum for many. But luck is on your side – there are a number of jobs that will help you earn money while being on the road.

1. Blogger

Being a blogger is probably the most convenient way to make money while visiting the places you’ve always wanted to go to. It is not your typical desk-job – it requires nothing more than a laptop, Internet connection and, obviously, to be good with words. There are two general options for bloggers. The first (and simpler) option is to run a blog for a client.

The second option is to run your own blog and monetize it. Running a blog for a company is simpler, since you’ll be given specific tasks on daily/weekly basis and your job is too see them through. Running your own blog, on the other hand, requires a bit more time, patience and ingenuity on your part, but it is the more rewarding option in the long run. It’ll transform you into your own master, since the only limit is your imagination.

2. Tutor

If you’re an expert in a certain field, yet you reject the idea of being stuck with a 9-to-5 job, being a tutor is the choice for you. We are living in the age of the Internet and physical presence has become redundant for many professions, tutoring being one of them. Yet again, all you need is a laptop, Internet connection and your knowledge.

There are tons of platforms on the web which connect students with experts from all around the globe. If you can see yourself as a teacher, try visiting some of these platforms, like Tutor. You might be surprised by the opportunities they offer.

3. Academic Writer

While on the topic of academia, you might want to consider being an academic writer. Do you have a flare for words? Go through the sea of online freelance platforms which connect students in need with eloquent and articulate writers.

The possibilities are endless – there is a high demand for pretty much everything, from essays and book reviews, to case studies, research papers, lab reports, etc. And the best part is -you make your own schedule!

4. Online Editor

You might possess linguistic prowess, but don’t want to meddle in academia and blogging seems like too much work. Fear not – online editor might be the job for you. ‘’In the race for high-quality content on the Internet, it is not surprising that the demand for good editors is on the rise.’’ – says Melissa Pete, an editor for A-writer.

Companies such as this successful service offer plenty of jobs for proofreading, editing, reviewing, etc. So, take your most reliable grammar books and hit the road!

5. Online Reviewer

The Internet is the new business battlefield, a place where companies clash and fight for every single prospect on the virtual market. Thus, don’t be surprised by the fact that there are professional companies out there whose sole purpose is to do product reviews – the business world is well aware that the difference between gaining a loyal customer and losing a client might be only one review. Do you want to fund your travels by doing reviews? Sites such as Revieweal offer you that unique opportunity.

6. Graphic Designer

If you are artistic and know your way with graphic design software, then you’ll surely want to try yourself at being a graphic designer. As a freelancer, you will not be tied to a desk at some company’s offices. On the contrary, you’ll be in the comfort of your temporary residence, working on a myriad of graphic design projects, from logos, flyers and brochures, to merchandise design and website visual content.

Should you want to test your aesthetic abilities while traveling the world, make sure to visit Dribble, SkipTheDrive.com, and others, and consider some of the endless possibilities they offer.

7. Web Developer

If you are a professional developer or simply a self-taught computer-savvy genius, then web development might be the job for you. First of all, web developers are in demand. Then, it is highly paid. And, most importantly in this case, most companies have no problem whatsoever with people working remotely. Then again, if you opt for something less restraining, you could always go with freelance web development and find projects on platforms such as Upwork.

8. SEO specialist

Programming, in general, is a great way to earn while traveling, but nothing beats search engine optimization. If you are experienced with web development, web design, copywriting, and know what it takes for a website to pop on the first page on search engines, you could delve in the waters of SEO.

It takes less time than the usual programming and offers the same perks. Not to mention that it is one of the most profitable positions on the market. If you are interested and have what it takes, platforms like Freelancer might get you started.

9. Social Media Manager

Do you know your way around Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Reddit, YouTube? Are you familiar with online marketing and promotion? Do you wield the power of memes? Look no further – social media manager is the job for you. Social figures and companies alike are constantly searching for individuals who understand Internet culture and are able to promote a brand. The job is simple – do what needs to be done to reach a wide audience by using social media. And the best thing about it is that you can do it from anywhere!

10. Virtual Assistant

Being an assistant might not sound like a compelling and exciting profession, but the Internet has changed it all – virtual assistants are reshaping the outdated paradigms. Virtual assistants take care of scheduling, customer service, communications, administrative tasks, bookkeeping and a number of day-to-day tasks – all of it remotely using laptops, smartphones, tablets, etc. If you are well-coordinated and organized, consider applying for some of the many openings for virtual assistants on the market.

Are you a hard-core wanderlust whose home is the highway? Consider some of these professions if you would like to earn money while visiting those famous and not-so-famous tourist attractions all around the world.


Audrey is a passionate blogger and marketer at college-paper.org. Her areas of interests are very wide, but mostly she writes about content marketing and innovative business technologies. Her aim is to engage people to self-growth and staying motivated.