14 Jobs to Help Academics Achieve Work-Life Balance

The work-life balance has become a real mantra among employees in the last decade. Ever since the emergence of new communication tools, professionals in all fields are struggling to distinguish between leisure time and working hours.

According to the report, two-thirds of employees believe they can’t make a proper balance between work and life. At the same time, almost 60% of workers said technology had ruined the modern day family dinner.

The trend did not miss the academic community either, but its members are trying to find the way out embracing a more flexible lifestyle. There are all sorts of remote positions that allow academics to spend more time with their families while working.

Here’s the list of 14 remote jobs that provide better life-work balance for academics.

1.) Economics Expert

As a combination of math and social sciences, the economy makes a lot of students confused. This is your chance to exercise professional skills and provide young people with proper explanations online.

2.) Business Expert

While some students are interested in the economy as a science, most of them prefer business courses that allow them to engage in real-life entrepreneurship very quickly. Academics who have experience managing real companies can take this position and explain to the students how things work in the everyday business environment.

3.) Article Writer

George Kershaw, a human resources manager at Best Essays, says that content creation is one of the most popular occupations of the digital era, particularly in the field of technical writing: “If you are an educated author, you can make a decent living by writing high-quality articles about complex topics from wherever you want.”

4.) Computer Science Expert

Computer science is definitely among the top 10 fastest-growing occupations. This means a plethora of students all across the globe are looking for expert advice and suggestions from industry thought leaders. Choosing a position in this field, you can spend fewer hours working and more time hanging out with friends or family.

5.) Title Reviewer

Students often submit questions which aren’t 100% accurate. In such circumstances, title reviewers edit inquiries and look for mistakes to come up with entirely legible queries. If you are a math specialist with the excellent eye for detail, this job might as well be perfect for you.

6.) Academic Expert

Scientists and academics with strong skills and expertise in particular areas can work as full-time academic experts. This role allows you to work from home because your job is to answer questions coming from colleagues or students. The position is suitable for all types of highly educated scholars, from physics and engineering to history and languages.

7.) Biology Expert

Biology expert is a person who can answer student inquiries clearly and directly, avoiding misunderstandings and common misconceptions. Biology is a complex science that describes a wide variety of natural processes, so it takes an expert to make the studying easier for young people. But just as other occupations on our list, biology experts can also do the job remotely and enjoy the privilege of work-life balance.

8.) Psychology Advisor

This job is very lucrative but also demanding. Why is that so? Well, you need to be a high-profile psychologist with excellent writing proficiency. That is the only way to get your foot in the door and earn the position of the remote psychology advisor.

9.) Math Expert

You probably know that the vast majority of students considers math to be one of the most challenging courses. If you are a math expert, it gives you an excellent opportunity to work remotely. Helping high school kids or college students shouldn’t be too hard for you so that you can enjoy the newly-established balance between work and life.

10.) Statistics Expert

Statistics is a significant branch of mathematics that demands the art of logical thinking. As such, it’s a real menace for students, so they keep searching for a way to make the course easier. Being a statistics expert, you can earn your salary doing the things you like while working from home.

11.) Curriculum Designer

This position is usually reserved for experienced academics who successfully dealt with a wide range of practical issues throughout their careers. Such individuals know how to design a proper curriculum, taking into account numerous details. For instance, they can propose the best textbooks or suggest eliminating lessons that burden students without having any practical value whatsoever.

12.) Chemist Expert

Some chemists believe it can’t be a remote position, but rest assured you can work as the advisor in this field without leaving the comfort of your home. All it takes is a strong chemistry background and the willingness to help out young students with brief explanations and straightforward answers.

13.) Data Scientist

People create vast volumes of data on a daily basis, which gives companies the opportunity to analyze potential customers and attract more leads. However, they also need quality data scientists to draw meaningful insight from large datasets. If you are a specialist in this field, you can teach young talents the art of business intelligence.

14.) Web Design

Everybody needs a website these days, so academics with web design proficiency can use their skills to work remotely and educate students in this field.


Most professionals are struggling to find the right balance between work and life, and academics don’t make an exception in this field. However, some positions allow members of the academic community to work more comfortably.

This post showed you 14 remote jobs that provide better work-life balance for academics. Keep them in mind and don’t be afraid of giving it a try – you will probably enjoy a more flexible daily schedule!


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