15 Companies Hiring for Online Tutoring Jobs

One of the industries that have continued to offer money-making opportunities in our world today is the education sector. If qualified, anyone can take up a tutoring job because the demand for assignment help online has continued to increase over the years. Ideally, a tutoring job is quite lucrative and flexible just like is the case with many other home jobs out there. The market is quite open. You will find those looking for people with experience while others would be in need of your qualifications and certifications alone. Here are some of the best 15 companies offering online tutoring jobs to consider:

1.) Instructional Connections

This is for US only applicants looking for online tutoring jobs. To secure a job here, you need a Master’s degree at the least. However, some subjects may need higher qualifications than that. Some experience with online education will be an added advantage to you.


2.) PrepNow Tutoring

Having been established in 1999, this company started out as a division of StudyPoint with an objective of providing quality in the home tutoring sector targeting students. It is now serving many students cutting across the US.


Since its establishment in 2013, VIPKID has become an award-winning venture offering English language services. The belief in the company is that there are better ways of teaching a foreign language. In that case, the company seeks to put together critical thinking, curiosity, and creativity to enhance learning.


4.) Chicago School of Professional Psychology

This is the biggest and oldest graduate school that has its main focus on psychology and allied behavioural sciences in the US. The school provides online-blended programs for learners at different locations far from the campuses. You could become a writing tutor with them if you meet their qualifications.

5.) MathElf

MathElf is a company in educational technology that was founded in 2014. The main objective was to offer middle school and high school learners with demand-based tutoring help. Learners working with this company can link up with live tutors for quick assistance with their personal study needs. You can become a math tutor with MathElf if you have the qualifications.

6.) Rosetta Stone

This company was set up in 2002 to offer technology-based education. The company helps students to effectively learn foreign languages the same way as how many people get to learn their mother tongue as children. The company covers more than 30 languages and helps persons, schools, government organizations and business around the globe.

7.) Golden Voice English – GVE

GVE is an online platform that offers ESL programs to students based in China. Golden Voice English company is based in Canada and is committed to make the learning of English a lot enjoyable and give them confidence when speaking English. You can become an ESL tutor with GVE.


8.) TutorMe

This is a California-based tutoring company and an online educational company that links up students with tutors 24/7. The company provides learning in more than 350 subjects for learners looking for relaxed online learning settings to give them help at a pace desirable to them.

9.) Nurturing Wisdom

Nurturing Wisdom provides personal in-home tutoring help all through Chicago and San Francisco Bay regions. The focus of this company is to help students enhance their ACT, HSPT and SAT tests as they get to learn better study habits, enhance grades and succeed in difficult classes. You can become a Tutoring Director with them.

10.) Johns Hopkins University

This is a hold institution established in 1878 is a globally recognized medical and education research institution. It provides 250 programs in a wide range of study disciplines. The school helps more than 20,000 learners on different campuses in Italy, Baltimore and Laurel, Maryland, in China and in Washington, DC.

11.) Study.com

You can find the job of an online tutor at Study.com that serves over a million learners with cheap and engaging online studies. The company was started in 2002 with an objective of providing a solution to the ever-increasing school levy.

12.) Pearson

An international education and publishing company that offers educational resources and help to both learners and teachers around the world. Based in the UK, Pearson can take you as a Lead Accounting Tutor, Writing tutor or an Academic Coordinator and so on. 

13.) Revolution Prep

This is an award-winning educational company and one of the top tutoring organizations globally. The company is focused on preparing learners for standardized exams like the SAT and ACT along with private and group tutoring in different subjects. You can become a professional tutor with them.

14.) Northcentral University

The Northcentral University is a privately owned online university located in Arizona. It offers bachelor’s master’s and PhD degrees via its different schools: behavioural and health sciences, education, business, and technology management. You could become an academic coach in these areas.

15.) PrepScholar Inc.

At PrepScholar Inc, you can become an ACT and SAT tutor. The company offers picket-friendly and custom online SAT preparation help for students. The process of teaching starts with an evaluation of the student’s weaknesses and strengths to form personalized learning programs aimed at addressing specific areas of a leaner’s struggles. The learning is usually done via Skype or through a software of the same kind.

If you are looking for a job as an online tutor, here are some of the options you got. The online education sector has opportunities for anyone to trade their skills especially in transferring their knowledge to others. There are also a plenty of writing jobs to look for.


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