3 Reasons Working in Coffee Shops Can Boost Your Productivity

Walk into a Starbucks or any other coffee shop chain in the country, and you’ll surely find a number of patrons nursing coffees while working from their laptops. Of course, some of these customers might opt for working from coffee shops because they’re small business owners, entrepreneurs or freelancers who lack an office space. However, many individuals who have comfortable work environments in their regular offices are choosing to work at least part of the time from coffee shops as well—here are three reasons why:

Stimulating Creativity

When you’re working from the same office week in and week out, it’s bound to lead towards predictability and monotony. It’s hard to come up with fresh ideas when you’re always working from the same place and surrounded with the same people. By choosing a new work environment, you’ll have an easier time being inspired with creative solutions to your work needs.

Easier to Focus

If you’re always surrounded by the faces of familiar coworkers, it’s all too easy to get distracted by friendly office conversations. In an office setting, disturbances are inevitable, and it can be difficult to maintain focus for an extended period of time. But when you’re working from a coffee shop, you’ll be completely anonymous and be able to work without interruption.

Cooperative Working

Many people decide to work in coffee shops in search of a more sociable work experience. Coffee shops are an easy place to meet new people, and you’ll be able to bounce your ideas off of objective strangers. If you’re looking to meet new people or become exposed to innovative ideas and the latest trends, then a modern coffee shop is the perfect setting for you.

But before you get down to business, it’s important to acquaint yourself with basic coffee shop etiquette:

  • Order! If you plan on spending a large chunk of time in the same seat, make sure to order something to eat or drink periodically. This is especially true if you’re working during their peak hours.
  • Tip well: Express your appreciation to the staff by tipping them generously. Remember, the better you treat the baristas, the more kindly they will treat you in return!
  • Don’t spread out: The space in coffee shops, especially crowded ones, is precious. So do your best to take up as little space as possible, and be willing to share your table with others if there is sufficient room
  • Turn off your phone: The coffee shop is not your personal office. Keep your phone on vibrate, and if you need to answer a call, it’s best to take it outside
  • Use Headphones: Many people have an easier time working while listening to music, but there’s no need to disturb others in the process

One last reminder: don’t forget about security! Always keep a close eye on your personal belongings, especially your laptop and other gadgets. If you’re going to make a habit of working in coffee shops, it’s probably worth investing in a small lock for your computer.

Do you also enjoy working from coffee shops? What’s your primary motivation for doing so?