5 Companies with Remote Editing and Writing Jobs You Can Do from Anywhere

Working from home is both exciting and tough. It gives you more time to spend with your family and loved ones, making you more productive and happier. However, there are some instances where you will miss performing at your best. If you are thinking of starting to work from home, check out this blogging guide to see what you need to get started.

Writing and editing jobs are based on the category that allows you to work remotely perfectly. All you need is a good computer, stable internet connection, and a quiet workplace. Numerous broad career classifications include job titles like book reviewers, quality assurance evaluators, copy editors and editorial assistants. Your dedication to making better content should be unmatched.

Identify your area

One of the critical things to do is to find the area you wish to venture. Different industries require remote employees. Therefore, it would help if you identified the area of your interest. Identifying your area can also be a result of what you do or the field where you have skills. Additionally, you must be aware of the logistics of your area of choice. Some jobs require more attention than others, therefore, it’s essential to ensure you have the capacity of delivering within your area of specialization.

While finding your tech specialization, ensure to be true to yourself and the abilities you have. Picking the wrong tech area may affect your entire perspective on working from home.

Who profits

This is a whole new experience for most companies. Employers tend to think that employees are the only people who benefit from the arrangement. The employer will be happy to have the company running with all the employees it requires in the limited office space. As an employer, you will not have to invest heavily in getting big space for your employees to work. Additionally, it saves you a lot of money that you would have spent in buying office stationery. It also increases your employee’s productivity.

On the other hand, working from home as an employee gives you sufficient space to attend to your other matters. It reduces your expenditure on necessary things such as transport and lunch especially if the office is far from home.

Therefore, if you have other engagements, you can view this as a side hustle and in return earning side income passively can help pay your bills without touching your basic salary.

As much as it profits the employee, the employer also makes an enormous profit from this innovation. Additionally, the formula enhances the relationship between employers and employees even when they don’t meet in a physical office.

As most companies embrace the idea of remote workers, employees are also improving their products to ensure the final results are impressive as if they are working from an office.

If you are seeking the balance between the when and where here are five companies that offer workers editing jobs from home that you can do from anywhere plus a few benefits of why you should consider working from home.

Cambridge proofreading worldwide

This company offers remote editing jobs and is a leading provider of proofreading services for their customers. With their headquarters in England, Cambridge and the United Kingdom, this company employs over 140 professionals.

Since it was started, it has worked for over 15,000 clients and has edited more than 40,000 documents. They cover a spectrum of academic subjects that include life sciences, social sciences, medical sciences, business and economics, and physical sciences.

They specialize in serving academics and, therefore, handle research proposals and dissertations and businesses like audio transcriptions and resumes. They allow their workers to work from anywhere in the world.


This is an online media company that offers an essential lifestyle guided for established and adventurous men. It gives its customers a platform where men with limited time but a strong desire for exciting experienced can get all the information they need on health, travel, culture, outdoor adventures, beverage, and technology. It is a privately held portfolio company of trigger media groups and has its headquarters in New York.

To ensure that their customers always have the information they need, they publish new information each week and have all their feature articles vetted by their editors who ensure that the information is actionable, trustworthy, worthwhile, and engaging.  They also have tip-sets that they send to their customers via email. They also have a section for hot trends and topics that are making the news in the US. Their writers are committed to spreading the news on lifestyle to the farthest cyberspace possible. They also allow flexibility and are willing to hire anyone in the world.

Student loan hero

Just as the name suggests, this service is aimed at young students who need a little money to stay afloat financially. It also targets on empowering and educating the college graduates.  They provide students with information on organizing, managing and repaying student loans and ultimately helping the students to get out of debt as soon as possible.

To do this, the company compiles federal and private student loans and gives an in-depth analysis and personalized loan summaries that vary depending on your repayment plans. Using this information, they tell you the individual budget and offer information on the best way to repay without getting into more debts.

Since its inception, the company has helped over 60,000 people organize and repay over $1 billion worth of debts. Because of the complexity of the finance topic for most people, the website provides readers with a great wealth of information that allows them to give resources and have all the education about their debts.

The company uses virtual tools that allow them to regulate and maintain a connection. They have a communicative and collaborative culture that embraces the weird and strives to create a fun, communicative, and encouraging environment.

Gadget flow

This is a platform that allows growth and discovery of new products and also crowd-funding projects. Each month, the company reaches over 25 million people with customizable products and wish-lists. They also have curated recommendations that are featured in multiple media outlets.

Founded in 2012, the company is always looking for high-quality and original content and quality products to sell to their customers. They have employees from eight different countries in both part-time and full-time positions. Each of their listed products has a photo, description, and video. The purchase links will lead you straight to the product, so you will not feel lost while shopping.


Founded in 2012, Scribbr is a company that has its headquarters in Netherlands, Amsterdam, and Holland. It helps students edit their theses in French, English, German, Danish, Spanish, Finnish, and Norwegian. They help students complete their education.

In this site, you are certain that your documents will be handled promptly since the deadlines range between 24 and 72 hours. Besides, the company also offers customers a free APA generator and plagiarism check. It also gives students information on paper structures and on how to write different types of papers.


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