5 Current Remote Opportunities With General Motors

With more and more people becoming remote workers, more job opportunities begin to emerge all over the world. If someone wants to find a freelance job, he or she can easily join a platform like Fiverr or Upwork and many other platforms. You can check the career sections on company’s website, write for blogs that pay up to $100 like SitePoint and Listverse, check niche job boards like probloggers job boards and even Facebook groups dedicated to posting freelance opportunities.

People usually opt for working remotely because of the advantages of flexible hours, control over jobs and clients, workplace mobility and being the boss of oneself. Unfortunately, everything with pros has cons. Likewise, freelancing has its numerous disadvantages such as the non-reliable and unsteady workloads and workflow, the lack of distinction between your working and personal time, missing out on employer benefits and also the possibility of not getting paid.

Regardless of these advantages and disadvantages, working from home still remains a very lucrative job and freelancers still earn high amounts of money on an hourly basis. For example, some remote workers on Upwork with the Freelance skill Network Analysis get paid up to $200 per hour.

All about General Motors

General Motors is a company with a passion for pushing the possibilities in defining and redefining personal mobility. Existing for over 100 years, they are committed to delivering solutions which are safer and sustainable for their customers. General Motors is headquartered in Detroit, Michigan but serves people across 5 continents with different time zones and languages.

General motors and its subsidiaries/joint ventures produce and sell vehicles through eight automotive brands: GMC, Cadillac, Holden, Buick, Chevrolet, Baojun, Jiefang and Wuling with policies and technologies that actively promote solutions for the environment.

The company has a board of directors with a 50/50 gender split and is headed by CEO Mary T. Barra. Employees working at General Motors have access to a lot of benefits like a medical plan, tuition assistance, employee and family discounts for purchasing vehicles from General Motors, life insurance and disability benefits. Employees also enjoy a competitive paid parental leave and 16 annual paid holidays.

They hire employees from all over the world and have a gathering of diverse yet talented people on their teams making important contributions (sometimes beyond their job titles) to the progress and pursuit of General Motors’ vision which is a future without crashes, emissions and congestions. General Motors also provides resources for their employees with networking, mentoring and training opportunities such as the Gm2020 summit which holds annually, the women in action learning program, iHub and Career Ambassadors.

Remote opportunities at General Motors

General Motors careers are accessible to all, even those with disabilities. As such, they offer opportunities to all qualified applicants and employees without discriminating based on age, race, color, gender identity, sex, sexual orientation, religion, national origin, etc. Unlike many other companies, General Motors allows some of their employees to work on their assignments at location other than their worksite. Below are the remote opportunities you can find at General Motors.

1. Internship opportunities

General Motors does on-campus recruiting in the fall offering students entry level, intern, co-op and MBA positions at General motors. Internship opportunities have been known to be offered in the automotive creative designs career, entry level manufacturing careers such as supply chain analysts, quality analyst, group leaders, electrical controls engineer, production or maintenance supervisors and mechanical engineers.

These internship opportunities allow students to develop interpersonal, written and verbal communication skills, analytical skills, organizational skills, etc. which teach them how to prioritize and handle numerous projects at the same time and meet deadlines.

One of the benefits of remote internships is that it allows students to telecommute and integrate their internship with their schedule. For remote interns at General motors, they get the opportunity to become more familiar with emerging technologies in their industry. However, EssaysOnTime is of the opinion that at times, remote internship might not be the best fit because some industry skills cannot be developed remotely, a remote intern may not have full access to professionals who would have provided needed guidance and support easily at the work site.

2. Information technology

IT is an important job department in General motors since they have to combine different types of designs with powerful technology using advanced design tools, simulations and supercomputing tech to provide integrated digital platforms that enhance the personalization and connectivity in their target customer’s digital lives. IT jobs are one of those jobs that can easily be done remotely, however, sometimes, it might prove to be inconvenient as you may need access to certain materials or software readily available at the work site.

3. Sales and Marketing opportunities

A company as big as General Motors making important strides in the world of mobility, catering for customers worldwide and searching for sustainability solutions is one that needs intense sales and marketing engagement for bringing their vehicle brands to life and making customers aware of innovative product offerings. The sales and marketing field consist of a number of fields dedicated to catering for the company’s customer attainment and retention goals such as:

  • Advertising and marketing
  • Customer relationship management
  • Divisional brands
  • Field teams
  • Industry dealer affairs
  • Order fulfilment
  • Retail planning
  • Sales and marketing support
  • International product center
  • Fleet and commercial

4. Creative Design

General Motors is always in need of bold creativity and elegant designs which will be combined with various advanced technologies. The fields available include: creative clay and digital sculptors, creative innovative interior and exterior designers, colors and trim designers, design and fabrication operations, design quality and program management, etc. One disadvantage of working remotely in General motors creative design is the fact that you may not be able to have access to all the materials and design tools needed.

5. Strategy and global portfolio planning

People in this field help to introduce non-traditional market approaches and develop strategy that integrate the latest technologies in the industry with General Motors vehicles based on market research. People in the market research and analytics field help to direct the brand based on competitor intelligence and consumer insights and shape the company’s global portfolio. This is a good position to have as remote work since there is an important need to travel and sometimes indigenes in different parts of the world might be needed in order to understand the market there.


Remote work has become quite popular and many big companies as well as B2B and B2C companies and businesses usually find themselves employing freelancers all over the world for jobs like software development tools engineer (Information Technology), Student Intern Creative design positions, global connected consumer experience positions, entry level sales and marketing positions, senior design release engineer-electrical brackets, and many other jobs.

Although, it is somewhat advantageous that people can communicate or travel while working as a digital nomad, it can however, be very uneasy to meet deadlines and get the needed sometimes rare materials that would have been readily available on a worksite.

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