5 Essential Tips to Keep Employee Motivation High

For any business, the biggest asset is their human resource, and the only way to keep this asset productive is to motivate them. Most workplaces however, often ignore the importance of motivation, which may eventually result in high levels of turnover.

Work engagement is an important factor for a workplace, since it has been proven that engaged employees generate 43% more revenue than non-engaged employees. Yet, there are many companies who haven’t created effective employee engagement strategies. As the competition increases in the market, it has become imperative to decrease the high level of turnover.

One of the ways to do that is to keep your employees motivated.

What can be done to keep your employees engaged and motivated?

Here are some essential tips to help you out.

1. Create a Positive Workplace

An inspiring workplace will keep employees motivated and will make them want to perform their best. You can hold events, raise salaries, give bonuses but even that might not make your workplace positive unless you have a team of happy and motivated workers. When you hire talented and positive people, the workplace automatically becomes positive.

All you have to do is stoke the fire regularly to keep the employees happy and motivated. Beware of toxic bosses! They can poison the workplace and can cause work-related stress.

2. Set Clear Goals

With clear goals in mind, employees will be aware of what is expected from them. There will not be any ambiguities to hinder their success. It’s important for employees to know that they have a purpose and are actively working towards a common goal. This knowledge boosts your employees’ self-esteem when they realise that they are taking the business to new heights.

The corporation should set clear goals and then come up with ways to measure the performance of each individual. When employees work on a vision: with a plan on their mind and visibility to understand their goals, their motivation levels rise. All you have to do is establish a mission and then carry it on through thick and thin.

3. Recognise & Reward

Once you have measured the performance of each employee, it’s time to praise their work and give them the recognition they deserve. Many corporations are tempted to punish their employees for their failures, but they are slack when it comes to rewarding their performance. This practice will increase the turnover rate, so it is best to avoid it. Instead, make use of simple ways to not only recognise but reward your high-performing employees.

Whenever employees perform up to your expectations, they must be informed about it. A well-deserved praise can do no harm and will definitely increase the morale of your employees. Expressing appreciation and giving consistent encouragement tells employees that they are being noticed, which pushes them to perform even better in the future.

For this, it’s vital that you match each employee’s set skill to the right job. If an employee is not placed in the right job, their motivation levels will decrease and their performance will suffer.

4. Engage Your Employees

These four words are bound to increase your employees’ motivation: ‘What do you think?’ The moment you ask somebody this question, they are going to feel involved and will view themselves as an important part of the team. These four words are enough to increase the morale of any employee, given that they want to be included in corporate decisions.

Keep your employees informed about what’s going on in the corporation. The moment they feel they are not up-to-date with what’s happening, they will get the message that they are not important enough to be informed and that can gravely impact their motivation levels.

Be approachable so that employees can discuss their aspirations and ideas with you. Another way to engage with employees is to organise events where employees get the chance to unwind and enjoy. One effective way to do this is to host corporate events in London and make it a priority to engage your employees. London is the heart of business in the UK and there are some great opportunities for team building there, such as a treasure hunt around the city.

5. Give them Autonomy

Nobody likes to be micro-managed and employees tend to become disgruntled if they experience it. It’s never a good idea to just rely on monetary rewards to increase the motivation of your employees. Giving them some autonomy will enable the employees to find joy in the work they do. Give your employees the free will to do what they want and with whom they work, as long as they are able to successfully achieve the goals of the corporation.

This autonomy will eventually motivate employees to increase their skill set and have a more practical approach to the corporation’s vision.

All of the above mentioned 5 essential tips are designed to keep employee motivation high and will reap great rewards for your organization in terms of productivity and profitability.