5 Great Part Time Telecommuting Jobs

The idea of having a part time telecommuting job appeals to millions of Americans, and fortunately there are a growing number of flexible work-from-home positions which can bring in some extra cash. While there’s a misconception that these jobs are low paying, this is no longer the case: the diversity of these opportunities means that there are openings available at companies of all sizes. Here are some of the best opportunities that you should be applying for:

Data Entry

When many people hear about work-from-home jobs, they immediately think of data entry positions. One of the reasons that people have this mental association is because of the sheer number of data entry jobs, with over 200,000 Americans currently employed in the field. While data entry used to be a standard office position, advances in communication and networking software have allowed many data entry professionals to work remotely. Since small businesses usually don’t need to have full time employees performing data entry tasks, it has become a common part time gig.

Social Media Expert

Social media marketing has become an integral component of SEO and traffic generation for all types of companies. It’s necessary for businesses to include social media outreach into their overall marketing strategies, and it’s typical for companies to outsource their social media tasks to experts. In many cases, this is a part time position and another perk is that it can usually be done remotely. Social media is a growing industry, so becoming an expert in the field can also be an excellent long-term career move.


Becoming an editor is another profession that’s well-suited for telecommuters wanting to avoid long hours. One of the advantages of becoming an editor is that editing never goes out of style, and you can be sure that there will always be a demand for such services. Even in a fast-changing economy, editing will always be a reliable profession and that’s why you’ll find numerous positions. Since editing does not require you to be onsite, it’s common for editors to work as freelancers from their homes.


If you speak more than one language fluently, then you’re in luck. Businesses are hiring translators to work remotely and translate their web content—including blog posts, web pages, and audio files—into other languages. Many positions in the translating industry pay a high salary, with a median wage of over $20 an hour. Additionally, the translating industry has been growing in recent years, and there is a possibility for full time work as a translator as well.

Customer Service Representative

Nowadays when you call a corporation’s customer service helpline, there’s a decent chance that the call is being taken by an independent contractor working from their own home. It’s becoming increasingly common for companies to outsource their call centers to individuals, and entering the customer service field can be one of the simplest ways of obtaining a virtual position.