5 Productivity Tools for Online Workers

A flexible telecommuting schedule can save you time. Without a commute or established hours, you can work when you know your productivity is most efficient. You may, though, not know there are a number of tools to help increase productivity. While Global Workplace Analytics states telecommuting can improve worker productivity up to 43 percent, these programs can further increase this by offering quality shortcuts. Whether you need help staying on track, creating web pages, or analyzing sites, find out which tools can help online workers.


Many who work from home are self-employed and tackle a number of jobs. One of these is analyzing websites to improve SEO, design, or other important aspects. Bounce allows you to do this easily. Simply input the URL into the app and it pulls up a screen shot of the page. There are then spaces for you to make notes so you can easily refer back to changes or likes.


If your customer service team works virtually, Screenr can offer higher customer resolution rates. This is a free program that does not need to be downloaded. Once it is open, you only need to press the record button and begin talking. When you are finished, you can publish the Screencast to whomever you want. This can be placed in an email blast, sent to individual customers to help solve issues, or to show client products. Screenr turned a tedious process into a simple one.


Online designers and website creators will enjoy the ease of Mockflow. This app allows creating wireframes with a user interface extremely quickly. The program works both online and offline so you can work from anywhere. There are a number of tools, drawings, and concepts to make this user-friendly and functional. Once done, save the file as an html and become even more efficient. If you work virtually, Mockflow lets you get work to clients faster.


Anyone who works from home with multiple clients needs to utilize Rapportive. As soon as you receive an email, this program searches the Internet for the email address. It can link your contact with their Facebook, Twitter, or other social media page. Any public information is then automatically stored with your email. This keeps you up-to-date and informed, which is extremely important when if telecommuting.


Calendars help keep you on track so you don’t miss appointments or deadlines. Sometimes, though, it just isn’t enough. Coolendar changes this by upgrading a normal calendar. The app works with Gmail for user-ease. Once opened, you only need to type in information such as. “meet Ben 4PM at Café June 19th.” Coolendar automatically inputs the data and then turns your schedule into a to-do list. This organization is critical for virtual workers.