5 Ways to Avoid Quitting your Job

While there are certain situations where quitting your job may be in your best interest, other times this decision can have disastrous consequences on your career. Quitting prematurely can make it extremely difficult to land a new position, and without adequate savings and a well-defined plan you might be setting yourself up for difficult times. If you find your current work situation unbearable, below you’ll find 5 practical solutions that can be alternatives to resigning.

Ask for a Raise

Many people leave their companies because they are unsatisfied with their compensation. In a typical situation, the employee’s sentiment is that s/he has been working at the same position for too long without receiving the increase in pay that they deserve. Other times, maybe they have been unhappy with their salary from the day they started working. Rather than quitting straightaway, another option can be to simply ask for a pay raise. Perhaps you’ve been underestimating your employer’s willingness to offer you a higher salary, and it can be an easy way to avoid the hassle of quitting.

Work Flexible Hours

If your job is too stressful or requires too much of a time commitment, ask your boss whether working flexible hours is an option so that your needs can be accommodated. For some employees, that might mean switching from full-time to part-time, but the important aspect is that your job doesn’t conflict with your other responsibilities outside of work.

Become a Telecommuter

For many employees, it’s not the job itself that needs changing—it’s the horrendous commute to and from work every day. If you’re able to convince your boss that telecommuting is a feasible option, then you may have an easy way out of your predicament. Working from home will give you the freedom to make your schedule according to your own lifestyle, and telecommuters consistently report that their work-life balance improves significantly once they change to this paradigm. By doing so, you’ll enjoy a wide range of benefits without necessitating that you quit your job.

Switch Departments

While your current position may be untenable for a variety of reasons, perhaps you might just need a change of scenery. Depending on your employer, there may be options for you within another department of the same company at which you’ve been working. This will save you the trouble and expense of starting a job search from scratch, and you’ll be able to reap all of the benefits of starting fresh.

Request External Training/Education

How about acquiring new skills? It’s entirely possible that your current employer may be more than willing to pay for you to advance your education. When you take outside classes and become more knowledgeable about your subject matter, your present employer also benefits. That’s why it’s fairly common for employers to allow their workers to take time off—even sometimes paying for them to do so—in order to take external classes.

What others ways do you think employees can avoid quitting their jobs?