6 Tips for Finding a Job without Work Experience

Given the realities of our difficult job climate, it can be hard to stand out to employers even when one is experienced and qualified for the position. The challenges are even more overwhelming for those who are applying for jobs who don’t have significant (or any) work experience on their resume. If you find yourself in this position, here are some useful tips you should consider in order to get hired for your first job.

Focus on the cover letter

Without an impressive work history, your cover letter is your best shot at making a positive impression with potential employers. That means a generic cover letter that’s been recycled through countless job applications isn’t going to cut it. Instead, take the time to explain to the employer convincingly why you’re genuinely passionate about getting hired for the position. Enthusiasm can go a long way in winning over a potential employer, and your cover letter is where you have to make it count.

Emphasize your skills

Just because you’re lacking in work experience doesn’t mean that you have to submit a lackluster application. Instead, show your potential employer why your skills and character are well-suited for the position. Depending on the position and the employer, your personal skills may be enough to earn yourself a chance at the job.

Integrate your experiences

Instead of listing random life experiences and skills on your resume haphazardly, find a way to synthesize them into a coherent narrative of your life. If your life story makes sense to a potential employer, that may compensate for your lack of work experience. In the end of the day, employers want to know that you’ll be a productive employee, and having a compelling storyline in your resume can go a long way.

Create a work portfolio

If you’re seeking a job in a creative field then a work portfolio is just as significant as work experience. These samples will clearly demonstrate to potential employers that you have the ability to excel at the position for which you’re applying, and it’ll be irrelevant that you weren’t paid to produce them.


In today’s economy, work experience alone isn’t necessarily going to cut it for you anyways. An increasing number of jobs are dependent on some form of networking, and you should get to work tapping into your contacts even if you don’t have work experience. There’s no excuse not to be capitalizing on your people skills to help you secure your first job.


Last but not least, if you don’t have any work experience then consider boosting your attractiveness to potential employers by taking on responsibilities as a volunteer or intern for an organization. This will allow you to show employers that you have the skills necessary to succeed in a paid position, and you’ll be able to find unpaid positions more easily even without work experience.

Are you looking for a job that doesn’t require work experience? How would you make your application stand out if you were in this situation?