7 Companies Currently Hiring Remote Data Entry Specialists

Working online to earn a living has helped many people in this digital era. People can rely on online work to provide for the needs of their families as jobs in their home countries become scarcer. There are many online jobs you can do, but let’s talk about working as a data expert.

Data entry is one of the most sought-after jobs on the internet. It involves the keying in and feeding computer data, retrieving information, and organizing it all to ensure accuracy. This might include keying in information from recipes, travel tickets, checks, and other useful documents. Data entry may also require you to check documents, make corrections, merge the data, and save or share them with other people.

At times, data entry may involve you listening to audio and typing what you hear. Some do not regard this as data entry, they think of it merely as transcribing, but still, such online tasks can be very lucrative.

How to Qualify for Data Entry Jobs:

The reason why online workers like data entry jobs is because they are quite easy to accomplish. All you have to do is type what you can read from the source to a new document or form provided by the employer. However, data entry specialists need to have some basic skills before they can get hired.

Here are the skills you need to have if you want to start working as a data entry specialist:

1. Language Literacy:

You can probably read and write in English, or any other language you are comfortable with, but data entry requires that you write everything accurately without mistakes or omitting important information. You need to know all the nuances of the language you are working with in order to avoid making mistakes while preforming your tasks.

2. Basic Computer Skills and Necessary Software:

If you are reading this now, whether on the phone, on your PC, or in a cafe, then you most likely have some knowledge of how to use computers. To work with remote data, you have to understand how to use a computer and start the applications you need to use to do your job.

Software knowledge is necessary for you to know how to use the applications you are working with. For instance, some online HR recruiters may hire you to input data in Excel spreadsheets. This will require you to know the various functions available that you can use to produce the document the way the employer wants. Without proper software knowledge, you will find it hard input your data, save it, and send it to your employer.

3. Proficiency in Typing and Data Organization:

To work as a remote data entry specialist, you need to have excellent typing skills. You might think that anybody can type on a computer keyboard, but you have to type quickly – not just type. Data entry jobs pay per word or per keystrokes per minute. This means that if you are not a fast typist, you might have difficulties with your tasks.

Remote companies that are hiring data entry workers require that you know how to manage and organize data as per the instructions they provide. Working with different data formats is necessary to be successful in this field.

Other Requirements:

Apart from having the skills to type data online, you need a way to work. The tools necessary for the jobs include a fully functional computer and a strong internet connection. Internet cafes might not suffice your needs because some of them are quite expensive. If, however, you can negotiate with the cyber owners, you can pay them a defined amount, and you work for some hours a day until you buy your own computer.

Where can you find data entry jobs online?

Now that you are ready to start working as a remote data entry specialist, it is time that we tell you where to find these jobs. We deem it necessary to inform you beforehand that data entry recruiters sometimes offer one-time or multiple jobs on freelancing websites. You may need to sign up to some of these sites before you can start working or finding clients.

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For the purposes of this article, we will have a look at what companies will hire you to type online:

1. Axion Data Entry Services:

Axion is one of the best companies to do data entry for. To work for them, all you need is your basic home office equipment. They will provide you with data entry jobs to do, and you will be paid for those jobs at a stipulated time.

To get jobs from this company, you need to have at least two to three years of experience doing data entry. Fast typing speed is also necessary – 50 words per minute, or 15,000 keystrokes per hour free from errors. You also need to book space so that you will be notified whenever there are new job openings for remote typing. The registration process requires that you pay a nominal fee to keep you on the waiting list for a given duration.

2. Birch Creek Communications:

Like other data entry recruiters, Birch Creek Communications works with private contractors who provide their services. This company offers various jobs, including data entry, research, and transcription. You get paid depending on the tasks you complete, not a fixed wage.

To work with Birch Creek, you need to have previous experience and knowledge of how to use the computer software necessary for doing data entry. The downside is that their data entry jobs are not regularly available. But they will publish them whenever they have them. So, keep an eye on their website for new positions.

3. DionData Solutions:

With DionData, you not only get data entry jobs, you also get free training for the jobs so that you can become a better worker. There are no fees involved, and everything is provided to you free of charge. To work with DionData, you need a typing speed of 60 WPM with a high rate of accuracy. They have in-house workers and individual remote contractors as well.

4. SigTrack:

This company hires independent contractors for open data entry jobs. SigTrack workers are required to verify the signatures that signatures on petitions are real. The only disadvantage is that these jobs are usually seasonal, but they are currently seeking new data entry specialists, so you should check them out!

5. Working Solutions:

This is another remote company offering various positions. Data entry is one of the jobs you can find at Working Solutions. All the jobs they offer on their platform are of the “work from home” variety, so all you need is your home office, a working computer, and a stable internet connection.

Working Solutions requires that you register with them before you can access any of the data entry jobs they post on their platform. The only difference between Working Solutions and other companies is that you can see the various openings and understand the requirements before you apply for them.

6. Georgewarehouse.com

This company is a home business solution for people who want to earn a living working from home. Data entry is among the positions you will find on their company website. You can go ahead and apply.

The data entry specialists on Georgewarehouse.com are expected to type 30 words per minute. The job entails posting data to the website and the internal database, as well as proofreading the data. You also need to have proficiency in using Word, Excel, Access, FrontPage, and Outlook.

Working with Georgewarehouse.com has flexible schedules. You work whenever you are available. However, you need to ensure that you dedicate your time and energy to your job so that you can provide positive results to your employers. You can apply and may be considered for the job. Payments are $10.50 USD per hour.

7. DataPlus +

DataPlus + is a work from home company that provides data entry and database programming services. If you want to work for DataPlus +, you need working computers, software, and internet that is high speed. This facilitates your connectivity and working experience. The earnings depend on how fast you are with typing because they pay per assignment.

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