7 Ways Google Assistant Can Make You More Efficient


Artificial intelligence-driven assistance software nowadays is a popular way of interacting with your mobile device. Among other popular choices like Siri or Amazon’s Alexa, Google’s very own Google Assistant (GA) is arguably the most commonly used simply because it runs on Android OS, which runs most of the modern mobile gadgets. In order to help you understand the benefits of using GA in everyday life, we have extracted seven examples that show the value of Google Assistant when it comes to being more efficient.

1.) Find bus schedules and routes

Let’s say you are left without your car for a while and you have to go back to using public transport after a long while. You can enter your home address and workplace location in order to get a bus schedule and routes every morning before you go to work. This will allow you to travel to work in the most effective manner, you won’t have to look for buses every morning, and you can even set your favorite route to customize the results as much as possible.

Furthermore, the Assistant will let you know when it’s your time to get off the bus, in case you get carried away working on your laptop, as a friend of mine that’s working for an essay writing service does every time while he’s proofreading the content on his way to work.

2.) Open various apps hands-free

Depending on what you use your mobile device for, some people have dozens of apps installed. This can often lead to confusion when it comes to finding an app, especially if the icon is not distinguishable enough.

With Google Assistant you have the chance to start an app you already have on your phone in a matter of seconds, without even touching your phone. All you have to do is say “Ok Google open Australia writings app” and you’re good to go. The software will open the app for you, and even perform certain tasks, depending on the app you decided to start.

3.) Control Home devices

If you have Android devices in your home, like smart TV, speakers, Chromebook, or any other type of device that’s compatible with Google Assistant, you can use this AI-driven software solution in order to control home appliances. You don’t have to go to another room to control the volume on your speaker or change the channel on your TV. This is an amazing feature for those of us who don’t like to stop their current activities in order to perform a menial task such as playing a different song or adjusting the speaker volume.

4.)Control device settings

Google Assistant can help you adjust your mobile settings while you’re on the go or busy doing some other, more important work. Music makes a lot of people feel comfortable and at ease while working. Control how loud your music plays in your car while driving simply by telling the Assistant to set the volume to a level you wish. You can even say “Set the volume to 30 percent” and the music will play on 30 percent volume capacity. The same is possible with ringtone volume, display brightness, and numerous other settings.

5.) Voice text messaging

So think about a situation where you’re cooking dinner for your friends, and you want to send them a message, asking if they have any special requests, but your hands are elbow deep in sauce or salad oil. Google Assistant allows you to send text messages by simply saying “Ok Google” which activates the software and makes it ready to listen to your commands. The same goes when you’re driving and need to send a text, the safest way is to pull over and send the message, however, those nerdy writers or people who can’t pull over for any reason, can use this feature and send texts while on the road.

6.) Finding a ride easier and faster

Say you’re in a foreign country and you lost your way back to the hotel. Just ask your Google Assistant where you are and you’ll save yourself from wondering around. Furthermore, in case you’re too far away from your destination for a walk, you can ask Google to get you an Uber ride, or even find local taxi number. In larger cities, you can even ask for bus and train stations near you as well as the bus route and schedule.

7.) More effective control of your schedule

For those users who have a busy daily schedule, Google Assistant can serve as a perfect PA, as it can help us update and check our daily routine. The software can answer the questions like what’s your next appointment, or the first meeting in the morning, as well as remind you which of your friends has a birthday coming soon.

Furthermore, if you say “Add to my calendar” the app will allow you to add new appointments or reminders for future events. Per, example if you have to send an assignment to an essay writing service USA-based or anywhere in the world, Google Assistant allows you to add this event into your schedule and will remind you when the time comes to execute the task.


These are just some of the ways in which Google Assistant can help you do things faster. The software is based on Google’s AI platform which means we’re going to see a lot of improvements as the time goes by. Enjoy these little tips, and take every chance you get to do make your daily tasks more effective and time efficient.


Becky Holton is a journalist and a blogger at essay writing service, Edugeeksclub. She is interested in education technologies and is always ready to support informative speaking at Australian assignment writing service, Rushmyessay. Follow her on Twitter.