7 Ways to Find Current Remote Job Opportunities at Google

Let’s face it: everyone would like to work with Google. Even just an internship would look great on your CV, and long-term relationships are even better. But not everyone is able (or willing) to relocate to work in one of Google’s offices, and there’s also no shortage of freelancers and remote workers thanks to the rise of the gig economy.

The good news is that Google is known for its flexibility and for the way that it offers support to its employees, and that includes remote workers as well as those who work from its offices. Of course, remote workers can’t just pop into the canteen for some of the free food, but there are plenty of other perks to make up for it.

You probably don’t need persuading that Google is a great place to work, remote or otherwise. Instead, we’re going to give you the help you need to get out there and to find yourself a position. Let’s get started.

1.) Be proactive

Google loves employees who are proactive. A little initiative goes a long way, so consider taking the time to research different team leaders and hiring managers and to introduce yourself. Follow them on social networking sites and interact with them so that they get to know your name. Don’t make the mistake of trying to be super salesy, though. Instead, focus on building relationships and adding value where you can. You can even consider doing little bits of work for free in the hope that it will help to raise your profile and bring in more work in the future.

2.) Show some personality

A big part of Google’s brand comes from the fact that it has personality. It’s a fun place to work, even if it’s also challenging and often high-pressure. If you want to become a true Googler and to be adopted as a part of the organisation, you’ll have to be unafraid to show your own personality, even when it comes to resumes, cover letters, interviews and more. Don’t take yourself too seriously, and talk freely about whatever your passions are. It’s a great way to be remembered.

3.) Find clients who are already working with Google

Nothing beats a personal introduction. I’ve made connections at Google in the past by working for a multinational client that was running a campaign in conjunction with YouTube. By working on the campaign for my client, I was able to meet a half dozen Googlers and ultimately to get that all-important “in”.

4.) Never stop learning

Technology and the internet have brought the world closer together, but they’ve also rapidly increased the pace of development. That means that no matter which field you work in, it’s never been more important – and more difficult – to stay relevant and up-to-date. Google is known for being on the cutting edge, which means you’ll need to be cutting edge too if you want to fit in. You need to constantly focus on improving your skills, your logical thinking and your overall knowledge.

5.) Improve your resume

Google’s recruitment process is a little less traditional than the approach that other companies follow, but you’ll still need a decent resume if you expect to make it through the screening process. It’s worth spending a little cash to hire writers, graphic designers or whoever else you need to create the perfect resume. You can also find specialist companies like ResumesPlanet, CareersBooster.com and UK Careers Booster who’ll be more than happy to help you out.

6.) Use their Jobs Portal

Google makes the job search a little easier for you by posting vacancies on their official job portal. Even though many of these are full-time roles that are based in their offices, it helps you to get a feel for what they’re hiring for and there may be opportunities for you to fill in on a short-term basis while they find someone to fill the gap full-time. Besides, you never know what you might find, and if your resume is impressive enough then they may be willing to make an exception.

7.) Browse Indeed

It’s worth keeping an eye on different job sites and setting up alerts if possible because different recruiters use different tools to get their jobs done. Indeed is particularly worth looking at because as well as simply listing vacancies, it also allows people to post reviews. There’s even a category specifically for remote work, which allows you to easily see which positions have hired remote workers in the past.


The same concepts apply at Google as they do everywhere else. In other words, you’ll want to spend time researching the company, the job role and the people you’ll be working with as much as possible. Go out of your way to demonstrate both your knowledge and experience, and don’t be afraid to have an opinion. Make sure that you stand out of the crowd because you can bet you won’t be the only person who wants to do the work.

Another way to give yourself an edge is to read Work Rules! by Laszlo Bock. That’s because Bock used to be the Senior Vice President of People Operations at Google and in the book, he explains the Google approach to people management, as well as hiring and firing. Getting to understand how Google approaches HR will stand you in good stead when you’re looking for employment.

In the meantime, remember that perseverance is key. Google knows that its jobs are in high demand and so they only hire the very best. It can be difficult to find your way in, but once you start to prove your worth and to pick up work from the company, it can be the start of a long, productive relationship. Good luck.


Becky Holton is a journalist and a blogger at EssayOnTime.co.uk. She is interested in education technologies and is always ready to support informative speaking at essay writing service. Follow her on Twitter.