A Greener Telecommute With Marijuana?

Even though recreational marijuana is now legal in some states, it’s unlikely that traditional business culture will accept going out for joints at lunch even as it continues to embrace going out for drinks, or that special brownies will join the glasses of chardonnay at the open bar at a company function. There may be exceptions to this, if your office is the type of environment depicted in “Mad Men,” but odds are that typical corporate culture is not going to embrace this type of “green” attitude any time in the near future. Businesses whose employees work in the company’s physical premises not only have to deal with a more traditional office culture, they may also be subject to drug tests. It is still a legal gray area whether the legalization of marijuana will do anything to keep employers from deciding to maintain a drug-free culture among their workforce and requiring drug testing-including testing for legal or soon to be legal drugs like marijuana-for their employees. Among the many uncertainties surrounding these issues, one thing is certain: if you work from home, your life is filled with fewer headaches. Here are two top benefits of working from home that may or may not have any connection to legal marijuana:

  • Nobody steals your munchies.
  • You can dress like Tommy Bahama.


Edible Security

Legal or not, excessive use of anything is going to impair one’s ability to work effectively and efficiently, or even alertly. Moderation can help you avoid these effects, but even moderate doses of newly legal greenery do stimulate the appetite. This is an effective reminder of what a great feeling it is not to have to worry about your food being stolen from the office fridge. In an office environment, different people have different convictions about the ethics of “borrowing” other people’s food and other supplies from common areas. Some have especially lax ethical standards when they feel they’re not likely to get caught. If you work remotely, you are more likely to maintain secure possession of your own food supplies, and even if things do disappear, it is easier to narrow down the culprit: either you ate something yourself and forgot about it, or your spouse is the offending party. This makes detective work a lot easier than when you have to narrow things down from an office full of co-workers.


Casual Days that End with Y

Contrary to popular opinion, marijuana consumption is not necessary for people to be inspired to dress like Jerry Garcia. Maybe they just want to be comfortable as they go about their day. You can carry on your career without having to worry about buttoning up, buttoning down, or any kind of buttoning. Casual wear doesn’t just mean you get to wear jeans on Friday. It’s possible to cultivate an ironic moustache, or a luxuriant, swarthy beard, or even full-blown dreadlocks, without attracting quizzical glances from co-workers or being discreetly passed up for promotion by your boss.