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SkipTheDrive is where job seekers explore remote opportunities all over the world. We have the ability to reach a large audience daily in order to engage them with your brand and raise awareness. 

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Sponsored Content

Have original content placed on our blog to increase your brand awareness.
Have original content placed on our blog to increase your brand awareness.

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Get mentioned through our email and social media channels.
Get mentioned through our email and social media channels.

Banner Placement

Place a banner ad on SkipTheDrive.
Place a banner ad on SkipTheDrive.

Sponsored Content Guidelines

  1. All sponsored posts must be in accordance with the theme of (remote jobs and career advice). There is some leeway with regards to content topics.
  2. Sponsored posts will stay published for a minimum of one year.
  3. Content must be high-quality and well written. All research and 3rd party data must be accurately cited or referenced.
  4. The sponsored content must be new and original. This will be verified.
  5. Content should not be entirely self-serving or focused entirely on your business or site.
  6. Links within the sponsored content will be set to ‘sponsored’, and we will allow a maximum of 3 ‘sponsored’ links as per Google’s guidelines. Links may not be directed to sites we deem ‘spammy’.
  7. We accept payments in advance. Discounted sponsored posts will be considered for repeat customers. The fee charged will depend on your case and which advertising options you’d like included (i.e. email newsletter, social media, etc.).
  8. Include at least one high-resolution image. You must have the right to use this image, or it must fall under the creative commons category. Images must contain proper attribution.
  9. The sponsored posts needs to be 500 words minimum, and we reserve the right to edit the post to correct grammar, spelling and formatting. This includes image editing as well.
  10. Please read the terms of use prior to submitting any material. You will need to accept these terms prior to submitting your sponsored content.
  11. All sponsored posts will mention that they are sponsored posts, in accordance with FTC regulations. We will insert this via byline.
  12. We do not possess any relationship with the sponsor, and the views expressed in the sponsored posts don’t represent Skip The Drive LLC.
  13. The terms of the partnership must not be disclosed to any third-party.
  14. Skip The Drive LLC owns editorial control of all material placed on, and we reserve the right to take down any sponsored content.
  15. Skip The Drive LLC reserves the final decision to accept or reject sponsored posts.

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