Appen and Aetna Are Hiring: Top Remote Job Positions in 2019

Many people are dreaming of having a flexible job that allows them to work from home, especially when they find an alluring job position across the world. More and more companies are now offering remote jobs, as it’s an excellent way to work with top talent.

Are you looking for a job that you can work remotely? Think about applying at Appen or Aetna, as they currently have job openings at some very lucrative positions. Here are some of the best.

Top 6 Remote Job Positions at Appen


Appen is a data collection company that provides high-quality training data for machine learning to improve AI solutions and make them more human-like. It’s a leading language service provider that’s focused on data and linguistic annotation, and it has long been one of the best companies for remote jobs.

You can apply for many flexible job positions at Appen, but the following roles might be a perfect fit.

Data Collection

If you want to help create smarter AI that will perfectly understand users, you can try one of the voice data collection roles. It requires recording various phrases using an app (designed for both Android and iOS) to help train AI solutions and improve voice recognition technologies.


The linguist role at Appen requires you to be a native speaker who can annotate phonetics and phonology data to help improve NLP (Natural Language Processing) systems. This is a full-time job that you can easily do from home, as all you need to do is provide various phonemic transcriptions, and check audio of various linguistic data.

Social Media Evaluator

Being a social media evaluator at Appen means providing feedback on social media necessary for improving various content and services on social media platforms. It’s a very flexible part-time job that requires providing feedback on ads, search results, and news feeds.


Working as a remote transcriber at this IT company involves reviewing words that various software solutions have phonetically transcribed to make sure the transcriptions are completely error-free. It also involves rating a lot of audio statements to ensure there are absolutely no mistakes.


If you’re bilingual, working as a translator might be ideal for you. It’s a part-time task that would require you to translate job titles. You need to pack previous experience in translation for this job and, of course, you must have excellent grammar and spelling skills. It’s also necessary to be either a native or a near-native speaker.

Web Search Evaluator

The web search evaluator role at Appen includes performing various basic online tasks that will help tech companies improve the user experience for everyone searching for information online. It includes providing feedback on ads, search results, and web page content.

Top 5 Remote Job Positions at Aetna


Aetna is a healthcare company that sells health insurance plans with the ultimate goal of improving people’s lives and making a real difference in the world. Here are the best job openings you can try.

Have in mind that almost all job positions at Aetna involve a bit of traveling. Most of their jobs are only partially remote, so be sure to check in advance.

International Account Manager

An international account manager at Aetna is responsible for forming excellent relationships with clients to improve retention and case renewal. Working in this position means that you need to make sure each client’s needs are perfectly met, as well as ensure the collaboration among team members is seamless at all times.

This is a partially remote job that requires excellent communication, collaboration, business, and leadership skills.

Business Analyst

Working as a business analyst at Aetna involves creating and executing activities and deliverables related to various business-sponsored IT projects. Among numerous activities, it includes developing project deliverables, assigning tasks, performing impact analysis of tech changes, creating UI models for various projects, creating project activities and communication materials, and much more.

It’s a very demanding but lucrative job that allows working from home but requires 0-10% travel.

SAI Management

Working in the SAI management role would require you to identify, execute, and monitor various initiatives for mitigating trends in the PNW market. It comes with project management responsibilities and requires seamless collaboration with Finance, Medical Management, Actuarial, MEU, and Network teams to properly convert all gathered insight into actionable data.

This is yet another job position that allows remote work but requires 0-10% travel.

Risk Management Associate

The risk management associate role at Aetna requires drafting and distributing stop-loss policies, auditing all sold case quotes, monitoring caseload renewals, tracking revision activity, updating policies, and consulting with brokers, external policyholders, and external business associates, among many other responsibilities.

This is a flexible role that’s also partially remote and comes with 0-10% travel requirements.

Workers’ Compensation Telephonic Case Manager

A workers’ compensation telephonic case manager is responsible for assessing, planning, implementing, and coordinating various activities related to medical and disability services for injured workers that claim workers’ compensation. You need to be a registered nurse to be considered for the job position, and you need to be able to quickly and effectively identify and solve problems.

This job position is fully remote, with no travel requirements whatsoever.

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