Benefits of Google Hangouts for Virtual Workers

There are many sides to a virtual position. It can be difficult for co-workers to effectively communicate at times or form bonds. Those who telecommute full time will tell you it can actually get lonely. You can go days without interaction when you spend most of your hours at a computer. This is why Google Hangouts is becoming the new place to be. Its features are extremely beneficial not only for individuals, but companies as well.

How Google Hangouts Works

Google Hangouts is similar to Skype in that is allows you to send live video feed over the Internet. Unlike Skype, though, Google Hangouts makes it easier to connect with a multitude of people in one screen and video. You can choose to broadcast to a live audience or hold a private video conference call. If necessary, you can actually share your computer screen with others as well. The interface is extremely user-friendly, making even the non-techies of your office feel savvy.

Benefits for Virtual Companies

If your company offers telecommuting positions, Google Hangouts is a great virtual meeting place. As long as you schedule a time, you can get your entire staff or department gathered. This allows you to efficiently collaborate, brainstorm, and problem solve in real time. If meetings are held regularly, you can watch relationships and bonding occur between colleagues as well. These relationships can be vital to create effective and efficient work across your business while maintaining higher employee retention rates. The Maine Edge notes Google Hangouts can be utilized so virtual employees can show you digital projects and progression rates as well. It allows you to have some control without micromanaging.

Benefits for Individual Telecommuters

Making your living telecommuting can become lonely because you don’t see your colleagues daily. Google Hangouts can be used to video chat with other coworkers. These relationships are beneficial not only personally, but professionally as well. You create bonds with those who are in the same situation as yourself. If you, for example, are a virtual writer, you may find and share projects with virtual designers to create brochures or other materials. This job-sharing allows you to faster and keep references. When you collaborate over Google Hangouts, it is easy to show presentations of your work and its progress.

Google Hangouts is the newest place for virtual workers and companies. It allows you to maintain and manage your company without any hassle. There is currently no other program widely available, which is easy to use and free. Find other telecommuters at Skip the Drive to get your collaboration started.