Best Remote Job Opportunities for Writers and Editors

Writers and editors don’t need any specific equipment or software to perform their job’s duties – one ordinary laptop is enough. For this reason, they can work from any place and any time; there is no sense to sit in a noisy office every day from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. If you also would like to start working distantly, you should check the best job opportunities, which are currently available in the market.

Major Requirements

If you want to get a well-paid job, you should clearly understand that employers have rather strict requirements for the writers and editors. Make sure that you are qualified enough and will be able to impress your future boss:

  • Specific education. Most companies prefer to hire writers, which have a bachelor’s degree in journalism, English or technical communication.
  • Professional experience. Obviously, you should have an experience in writing and editing, because a newbie will not be able to cope with the sophisticated projects. “Company will be ready to hire you if you worked at least for one year at reputable writing service” – Sylvia Giltner, HR specialist at ResumesCentre reveals.
  • Background knowledge. It’s not enough to be good at writing; you should also have a vast knowledge in the field, in which company operates. So, whether you want to write about marketing, education or emerging technologies, you should be familiar with a niche to be able to express your own view as an expert.
  • Freelance experience. Companies prefer to hire applicants, who had worked remotely in the past. If a writer has spent all his life in an office, he can face some issues with the time management and self-discipline, when will start working from home. So, if you have an experience in freelancing via platforms like Upwork, then you have a competitive advantage.

Best Remote Jobs

1. Technical Writer at Kelly Services

This is a great job for writers and editors, who prefer to work with the technical documentation. Kelly Services hires the experts with 5+ years of experience preferably in the construction industry. Applicants should also know how to format numerous pages, tables, and tablets in Microsoft Word with the help of Track Changes.

Kelly Services is a company, which offers consulting, outsourcing, and staffing services for small and big businesses. It promotes diversity in the workplace, so HR specialists judge about the applicant only by their skills and qualification, not by the gender, race or sexual orientation. If you have experienced discrimination at your previous jobs, you can be sure that you will not face any problems like that at Kelly Services.

2. Academic Assistant at FlashEssay

This job is a great opportunity for those, who like to conduct the scientific researches, write essays and edit term papers. FlashEssay provides an academic assistance for English speaking students and hires writers, which can compose texts on many topics: from medicine and psychology to economics and marketing.

Writers and editors have an access to orders’ database and can choose any assignment they would like to complete. The company pays great bonuses for very urgent orders. So, professionals, which work fast, have an opportunity to double their income.

3. Digital Content Strategist at Regis University

This job will suit writers and editors, who want not only create texts, but also build content marketing strategies. Regis University, which is located in Denver, wants to attract more students and is looking for an expert, who will help to optimize a website and publish new articles daily.

University will provide a remote employee not only with the monetary bonuses but also with an access to some learning courses. It’s a great opportunity for the writers, who want to upgrade their professional skills or get one more degree.

4. Blog post writer at OnlineWritersRating

If you are more passionate about the creative writing, then blogging is a more suitable job for you. There is an open job for true journalists at OnlineWritersRating, a review website, which ranks writing services in accordance with the comments of real clients.

This company welcomes writers and editors, who don’t afraid to express their own independent opinions. OnlineWritersRating is currently looking for the applicants, who can come up with fascinating blog post ideas and research topics on their own.

5. Writing Guru at EssaySupply

This is a well-paid remote job for writers and editors, who have vast knowledge in the various fields. The company provides a great career opportunity for professionals, which can write literally everything from a promotional post for social media to the master’s thesis.

EssaySupply is a growing company, which hire experts on a regular basis. It provides writers and editors with the total flexibility in scheduling and workload.

Reasons Why You Should Consider These Remote Jobs Opportunities

“Writers and editors are very lucky people. They work in the field, which allows them to find an employer in any corner of the world. So, rejecting an idea to work remotely, they refuse numerous benefits, which they could enjoy,” – says Christopher K. Mercer, experienced freelancer and CEO of Citatior.

If you are a writer and have never worked remotely before, it’s time to try. Besides all the perks that all these companies can offer you, you will also get some extras:

  • Save your time. When you work distantly, you don’t need to wake up at 5 a.m. and hurry up to the office. Working from home, you don’t waste a few hours every day to get to the work and return back.
  • Stay with your family. Remote writing job is all about flexibility, so you can schedule your day in advance and get more free time to spend it with your close people.
  • Travel the world. You don’t need to wait for holidays to voyage abroad – take your laptop wherever you go. You can work from any place in the world, where there is an electricity to charge your gadget and Wi-Fi to communicate with your employer.

In Conclusion

If you are a highly qualified writer or editor, you can find a great remote job online and get employed easily. Please, don’t be afraid to change the workplace! There are so many fabulous chances for your career development, which you can lose if stay working for one company for too many years.

Choose a niche in writing, which attracts you the most, and keep mastering new skills. And then you can be sure that your future employer will appreciate your talent a lot.


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