Companies Hiring Remote Business Administrators

Remote work is now a common option for contractual arrangements in the US. Studies show that nearly 4 million Americans now work remotely for at least half of their working week. Both large corporations and small businesses are exploring flexible work options and are reaping the benefits.

Of course, there are many benefits to remote working arrangements. Inc Magazine notes that the remote model can improve a company’s overall performance, since people in remote jobs can deliver high quality services without being limited to a location. The article also points out that remote opportunities can help organizations diversify their talent pool. Not only do remote working arrangements allow people to work from anywhere (thus removing geographic limitations), but they also open up opportunities for disadvantaged members of the workforce, such as the disabled, inner city, and single-parent workers. Additionally, companies are also beginning to acknowledge the qualities demonstrated by individuals who pursued online degrees. The Lucas Group’s Sarah Luther points out that a graduate with an online degree is likely to display a strong work ethic and a drive to succeed, especially when that person is working full time, which now means that an online degree may therefore give an applicant an advantage.

Online degree holders can even opt for administrative and leadership roles, especially in business. Maryville University’s business administration degree overview shows that obtaining an online diploma can help you advance further in your current career. A BSBA degree allows people to have career options in different specialist areas, such as marketing, finance, data analytics, and HR. It’s worth considering that Fiat Chrysler recruits people who have acquired MBAs online into leadership programs. The company’s HR department explained that they treat online and on-campus MBA students the same.

If you have acquired a degree online, chances are you are looking for flexible work options as well. There are currently several remote job opportunities available for BSBA degree holders, as companies from different industries are scouting for business administrators. Here are several of them that are currently offering administrative jobs with flexible options:

UnitedHealth Group

UnitedHealth Group is the parent company of two healthcare-related businesses: UnitedHealthcare, which provides health insurance plans, and Optum, which offers technology-based health services. The corporation is no stranger to remote work, with 20% of its entire workforce operating from home.

Coalition Technologies

Coalition Technologies is a web firm that delivers specialized services in increasing sales for businesses and e-commerce platforms. Some of these services include SEO, email marketing, website design and development, and social media marketing. According to them, 70% of their teams work remotely from all around the world.
Jobs Open: Office Assistant, Accountant


Zapier is a company that specializes in app integration and workflows. Their team is fully remote, and they use a non-standard application process. Applicants will be required to answer an online form before an interview. Their names and photos will be masked in order to avoid bias.

Kelly Services

Kelly Services is a workforce solutions provider that offers consulting, outsourcing, and staffing services to clients, many of which are Fortune 500 companies. There are a range of flexible work options available here, including freelance, part time, temporary-to-hire, and remote.

Citizens Bank

Citizens Bank is the one of the largest retail banks in the US, and they offer a wide range of financial services. Flexible hours are available through telecommuting positions. The company also provides a ton of benefits to eligible employees, such as health insurance, paid time off, education assistance, retirement plans, and more.


Buffer started out as a simple tool to schedule tweets. However, the company has since grown to provide ways to manage several social media accounts at once. The team behind this service is fully distributed, meaning that location is not a barrier and every employee can work wherever he or she chooses. The whole team currently consists of 25 members and they are all spread out across the world. Company benefits here include unlimited time off, retreats, family leave, learning and development opportunities, and more.

Mayo Clinic

Mayo Clinic is a large non-profit medical organization that has been around since 1889. Aside from serving patients through its thousands of doctors and other staff, it also dedicates a lot of its resources to medical research each year. It is known to have an employee-friendly environment, which is why it made Fortune’s list of best companies to work for. According to a Universum survey, college students also named Mayo Clinic as their Most Attractive Employer.



Before you sign up for any of the aforementioned employers, it’s important to understand that remote working environments require certain skills and attitudes that not everybody possesses. Sometimes, without any colleagues to talk to or a supervisor to look over your shoulder, you can easily lose motivation. Remote arrangements work best with people who are disciplined enough to bring their A-game regardless of the supervision.

While working remotely anywhere in the world sounds like a dream job, remote jobs also have their unique challenges. There is a possibility for remote workers to do overtime work, since their “offices” are either at home or at available spaces nearby. You may also have to get used to the feeling of isolation, especially if you don’t live with family. In order to avoid becoming a hermit, you will have to make an effort to include more social activities in your day to ensure that you engage in physical interactions.

In addition, remote workers will need to exhibit their time management and communication skills on the job. If you are considering a remote job but have no previous experience, consider carefully if the remote working set-up is the right option for you. If you are already decided and are starting to look for flexible work, be sure to read through Skip the Drive’s tips for applying for remote jobs. While these tips work well when applying for regular positions, the article notes that you should emphasize your ability to work independently and that you fully understand the scope of the project. Good luck!


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