Consider Applying for Healthcare Jobs from Home

The healthcare field is growing more and more every day, likely due to an aging population of baby boomers who are fueling demand in healthcare. Often, jobs in the healthcare world demand that the worker is at a physical location, such as a hospital or clinic. In fact, it probably seems like there would theoretically be no exceptions to this rule.

In reality, though, there are several health care careers that a stay at home mom or dad could pursue successfully that pay just as well and are as fulfilling – if not more so – than tending to the sick or injured in person.

Long Term Support Services Coordinator

If you originally went into healthcare so you could help people who need that help, this might be the telecommuting job for you. As a long term support services coordinator, you will be able to talk with patients after they leave the hospital, either on the phone or in person. Your job is to coordinate the patient, his or her family, and the relevant physicians all together so that treatment and the patient’s needs are fully taken care of. You can work remotely, rarely going to the hospital itself, and you can gain fulfillment from meaningful work when you hear the thanks of a patient who is getting better because of your efforts.

Clinical Research Associate

If you loved healthcare for the science of it all – including chemistry, biology, and physiology – but you want to work remotely from now on, becoming a clinical research associate may very well be the answer. Clinical research associates are in charge of developing and overseeing trial protocols, and seeing trials done from beginning to end by a team that they lead. As a clinical research associate, you find suitable lab environments, manage and regulate your team and their actions, and monitor and document the results. Most of this work can be done from the comfort of your home office, and the part that can’t is done working in the lab, which you surely can appreciate.

Clinical Advisor

Finally, if you are interested in healthcare because you love working with people and money and want to do something good with your passion for medicine, then clinical advisor is the career you should be pursuing. Clinical advisors have the job of providing clinical expertise, advice, and leadership in home and community based services that a hospital supports and provides. As a clinical advisor, you would be overseeing these remote work locations for the hospital as well as developing ideas to make them successful.

As you can see, there are plenty of options available for workers who want telecommuting jobs and healthcare careers. Start looking for one of these jobs today!