Follow These 6 Tips to Find and Land Remote Freelance Writing Jobs Online

Working remotely has become a more common phenomenon these days, and many freelancers will work for a number of clients that they will never actually meet in person. The biggest advantage to working online remotely is that you can work for any client, regardless of their location. But, how do you find these great freelancing jobs that give you these great advantages? Here are just a few tips to get you started.

Use your in-person contacts for networking

Your in-person contacts will know you much better than a potential online client. Whether you’ve worked with your contacts or just know them personally, they will have a good understanding of who you are as a person, what your work ethic is like and where your level of skill is. For this reason, they can be your best advocate for recommending you to others.

Search within your niche for clients

No matter what your specialty is, it’s important that you stick to what you know best and search within that niche for jobs you can do remotely. Contact the editorial directors or communication specialists within those companies and inquire about working for them remotely. Companies will also post their need for remote writers online, although in these cases the level of competition will be much higher.

Research your potential clients

Hop online and see what you can learn about the potential clients you’ll be soliciting. You may have an opportunity to personalize your application and create a connection between yourself and the hiring manager, giving you a bit of an edge over the competition.

Customize everything

One major mistake that’s constantly being made is sending out the same resume and cover letter, with just the company’s name changed. It’s essential that you customize each and every application you do, so you can demonstrate your experience in exactly what the client is asking for and so that you can detail how you have the exact qualifications they’re looking for.

Don’t stop

Things are constantly in motion in the world of freelance writers. At any moment you could be working on a project for an existing client, trying to land a new client and searching for others to work for. You’ve always got to be searching for new clients to take on, because at any moment an existing client may stop giving you work. Always looking for new work to take on means you’ll have a greater deal of stability in life.

Use job boards for writers

There are a number of online job boards where freelance writers are able to search for jobs and post their requests for work. Here are just a few of the places freelancers are finding the most success:


Find job postings in any number of categories from clients who are searching for freelancers to work remotely. You’ll be paid for each job you complete, at a rate that’s agreed to by yourself and the client. And, there’s never a shortage of work to be found here.


If you’re an expert in one or more areas, you may consider joining the professional writing team at EssayRoo. Writers working for EssayRoo are able to work remotely and are assigned written projects based on their level of skill and knowledge.

People Per Hour

Freelance jobs of every sort can be found here, so remote workers are able to apply to posted jobs and sell their services. There are a number of ways to find work here, including building up your profile, sending proposals and posting ‘Hourlies.’

Paper Fellows

High quality writers are always welcome at Paper Fellows. There is a constant need for skilled freelance writers specializing in all areas and subject matters, so make the most of the skills you’ve got by finding consistent and challenging work here.


Many clients who run their own blogs to enhance their online presence are in need of premium, original written content to provide their audience with. If you want to make money blogging remotely from your own home, this is the site you need to check out.


Academic writing jobs can be found through Academized, which provides high level academic writing in all fields of study. Writers wanting to become a part of the team are carefully vetted and their qualifications verified.

State of Writing

Enhance the writing you’re doing remotely with the help of the vast resources at State of Writing. Everything from dictionaries to grammar help is found in this comprehensive collection.


Get educated and inspired by the team at AcademAdvisor, who discuss all aspects of language. It’s here where writers and writing students can come together to explore ideas and concepts.

UK Writings

Another online essay writing service is UK Writings, where individual writers with specific skills can be filtered and found based on their skills, level of education and so forth. Clients are then able to request specific writers based on their own skills

Working remotely is becoming more of an option for many people. By following these tips, you’ll be able to land yourself a great freelance writing job.

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