Free Job Posting

For a limited time, SkipTheDrive will allow employers to post jobs for free if the job meets certain requirements. Your job will be listed underneath a section called ‘More Remote Jobs’ on the Search Results Page. It will not be searchable via keyword, location, etc. You may only have two free jobs posted concurrently.

Requirements for free job posting:

  • The job must be submitted in text (as a .txt or .docx file) attachment
  • The job must not have been posted elsewhere online. Yes, we will check for this.
  • The job must allow for 100% remote work
  • In the job description, you must specify how job seekers should apply for the job (i.e. email address, URL, etc.)

SkipTheDrive has discretion as to whether or not the job is accepted. This will depend upon whether or not we feel it is of interest to our job seekers.

Please be patient, as it may take up to 2 days for a reply.

Free Job Posting

Please specify how job seekers should apply for the job