How a Side Job Can Provide Career Fulfillment

Look, not everyone loves their job. In fact, you may find it annoying when said people can’t stop doting on their careers, and find yourself wondering if you’ll ever find that same passion. For whatever reason that you are unfulfilled in your current career path, be it personally or financially, you may not have the flexibility of quitting it altogether. Heck, you may actually like parts of it, but wish you could do more or explore an untapped skillset. That’s where taking on a side job comes in. There are different types of scenarios where you might find yourself unfulfilled. Check out the following to see if you fall in these categories and see if there’s a side job or pro-tip that can get you on your way towards the career fulfilment you’re looking for.

Being Siloed in Your Position

These days, companies are moving more and more away from a siloed structure where you’re forced to just do one job. The rate they are expanding roles, however, may not happen anytime soon. If this pertains to you, getting a side job could help you explore different aspects of your industry. For example, you could be an account executive at a marketing agency but perhaps your real passion lies in the creative side. You may have gone to school for graphic design but happened to fall into account side because it was the first job you landed out of college. If you can’t practice your design skills in the establishment your work for, make it happen for yourself. Freelance graphic design can be a very fruitful and fulfilling side gig. You can find freelance graphic design work on a multitude of sites including Upwork or Fiverr. Be sure to prep your portfolio of work so that you’re ready to show potential clients and start designing marketing collateral for them.

Exploring a New Skillset

You’ve always put your head down and just done the work you were told to do. The introvert part of you wishes you could be that charismatic sales guy that takes control of meetings and is so persuasive, he could sell you the gum on his shoe. Instead of just admiring from afar, don’t let your current position hold you back from exploring a different side of yourself With direct-selling companies like Amway, you can get access to tools and education that help you make a sale, grow your people skills and grow your own business on your time. Additionally, for anyone with any sort of entrepreneurial spirit, this type of network is structured to give you the support you need to get your feet wet and maybe find satisfaction from being your own boss.

Making a Passion Your Side Job

Sometimes after doing the grind for so long, you lose sight of the things that used to make you happen. The hobbies that made you truly happy are no longer part of your routine and the talents you used to exercise haven’t been practiced for as long as you can remember. Tapping back into these interests and turning them into a side job can be your key to adding fulfilment in your daily activities. Work can be play as long as you take the initiative to get the ball rolling. If you used to play in a band and have a passion for performing, local bars and restaurants are always looking to hire talent. Contact event managers from your local establishments and ask if they are looking to hire a regular performer. Although some of these gigs might not pay a lot, keep focused on the intention of why you’re doing it. You’re getting to do something you love and while you might make a good living with your full-time job, the value this brings in improving quality of life can exceed any paycheck.

Bringing in Extra Income

Your current position may be extremely fulfilling but just doesn’t pay the bills, and there’s no shame in that. While money isn’t everything, it does matter if the lack of it is holding you back from living life as you intend. Getting a side job to make some extra cash can help to balance career happiness by reducing financial burden. For those with job schedules that vary from a day-to-day basis, ranging from hospitality, entertainment to firemen and fitness instructors, try a side job where you have flexible hours. Driving for a rideshare company like Uber or Lyft can actually pay out fairly well and you can start and stop working whenever you choose. Another option is to capitalize on a niche skill you might hold. Perhaps you’ve mastered pottery making skills—why not teach private lessons? You can promote classes and workshops on sites like Dabble where people can sign up to learn your art. Or, you may choose to do something more in the line of work that you’re already in. If you’ve worked finance, try consulting on the side. Your personal network of friends and family might be a good place to start your services since trust has already been established. From there, they can spread the word and you can get your own clients and have a profitable side job doing what you’re clearly already good at.

It’s time to take control of your career happiness. Whether you’re unsatisfied with your current job because it’s not personally fulfilling or happy with your job but wish you had an extra income, getting a side job can be a smart and logical solution to your career woes. Tap into the talents you have, do what you’re familiar with or go completely to the other end and try something new. Either way, when you take action towards expanding your career options, the rest will follow. Job satisfaction is bound to come, and with a side hustle you could have twice the amount of success rate to getting there sooner rather than later.


Lana Evans

Lana Evans is a contributing editor at Upward Onward and freelance writer who covers topics about finance, lifestyle, travel, entertainment and anything that includes tips for making life easier.