How to Make Money Fast as a Remote Worker

Remote work is a great opportunity to generate sustainable income long-term. Whether you are looking for a full-time opportunity or additional revenue to help pay the bills each month, you can use your developed skills to make money fast as a remote worker

There are many ways to make money online, and there are opportunities for everyone to make extra money if they are willing to put in the effort up-front to make it happen. From bookkeeping to graphic design services, you can fine-tune talents you likely already have.

However, to make money fast as a remote worker, it is essential to know how the process works and how to find the right job opportunities. Depending on your skillset, one platform might be better than another. Along with a properly crafted and customized cover letter and the right platform, you can speed up the process of making money as a freelancer in your desired field and build a base of reliable clients.

How the process works

The best way to make money fast as a freelancer is to have a detailed plan before getting started. While the journey to success of each remote worker is slightly different, there are certain steps to take, which include: 

  1. Learn a skillset 
  2. Find the right platform
  3. Craft your cover letter
  4. Build your clientele

By following this process and remaining diligent in your pursuit, you can establish sustainable income from great clients in no time. Now, without further adieu, let’s get into the first, and perhaps most important, step in the process.

1.) Learn a skillset

The first step to making money fast is to find a craft that you enjoy doing and can do well, which can be one or more of a variety of things, including:

  • Web design
  • Writing services
  • Data entry
  • Bookkeeping
  • Graphic design
  • Video production

Of course, there are numerous other opportunities as well, and you do not have to start out as an expert to work as a remote worker. With the assistance of educational courses, instructional videos and some hard work, you can continue to learn and improve your skills and begin to make money fast.

Web design & development

For those who enjoy and are knowledgeable about web design, there are jobs available on various platforms for developing websites. Web design and development combine a multitude of skills, including graphic design, coding, search engine optimization and more. Subsequently, it is one of the harder jobs to learn, although it pays more per job than most other freelance services. 

To learn web design and begin work, it is encouraged to go through a training program such as one of Lynda’s tutorial courses. Although it may take hard work to learn all the essentials, you can still complete a detailed program and become a professional freelance web designer in as little as a couple of months.

Writing services

Not all writing is the same, and there are numerous types of writing to consider, including creative writing, technical writing, ghostwriting, academic writing and copywriting. While working broadly as a writer may provide the opportunity to offer multiple types of services, it is likely best to specialize in a particular niche, such as a copywriter for businesses or ghostwriter for those who want to publish their own book. 

If you are a good writer and want to make money fast as a freelancer, then consider becoming familiar with AP style writing and brush up on your grammar. While a college degree in a related field is certainly helpful, you can begin work quickly without much documentable education or training.

Data entry

Data entry involves interpreting, processing and updating data for record-keeping. It typically involves entering statistics and other data into a computer system. It does not take long to learn and does not typically require much experience to find employment opportunities. Perhaps most importantly, data entry is a very popular remote job as it most often does not require much supervision.

To get started, consider watching educational videos, such as this professional program by Coursera.  You then will need to find the right job opportunities, which you can find here on SkipTheDrive, along with other popular freelance platforms such as Fiverr and Upwork. Many are able to learn data entry and find quality job opportunities as a remote data entry clerk in as little as two weeks.

Bookkeeping & tax services

Bookkeeping and tax services are separate skill sets, but they have some similarities. Both may require more training and education than other common freelance services, but you can get started without a specialized college degree or any professional training courses, although it is encouraged to complete a course with reputable programs such as edX or Open to learn the essentials. Although bookkeeping typically involves organizing financial records and statements, the job for each client will likely be different.

Once you learn the necessary skills, it is time to choose a platform to work from. A platform that is popular specifically for bookkeeping and other financial record services is Bark, although there are a plethora of platforms worth considering. You can also search for bookkeeping jobs on SkipTheDrive.

Graphic design

If you are naturally artistic and creative, then graphic design is a great way to use your natural talents from the comfort of your own home. Graphic design jobs typically involve creating images for website display, creating a clever way to communicate with others through images for your client and more. However, it may take some additional training beyond being naturally artistic to become a professional, and there are graphic design courses that can teach you the additional computer and design skills you need. You may also be able to use your artistic and creative abilities to work as a photographer as well. 

Once you are ready to find jobs and begin working as a remote graphic designer, you can search for jobs through SkipTheDrive and begin the application process. If you do not have experience with graphic design, you can still learn how to make money fast as a graphic designer within a month.

Video production

Video production, which is often referred to as filmmaking, is the process of using digital resources to create high-quality video content. Although many mistake video production for filmmaking, there are notable differences. Video production is almost primarily displayed in a digital format, whereas filmmaking might be recorded on film stock. Although it may seem simple, there are multiple stages of the video production process, and it is encouraged to go through a training course before starting as a remote worker for video production. 

Once you feel comfortable and confident that you can do a good job producing high-quality videos for clients, then you can use SkipTheDrive to search for remote job opportunities to monetize your newly developed skillset. The training courses typically take a week or more, and then you can start to make money fast as a video producer.

2.) Find the right platform

Once you learn a skill that you can monetize remotely, the majority of the work is complete. However, it means nothing if you do not have the right platform to find job opportunities. There are numerous freelance platforms. However, we recommend searching through our updated and extensive list of jobs on SkipTheDrive. You can effortlessly type in the type of job you desire depending on your skills and browse through multiple pages of remote work opportunities that are available.

3.) Craft your cover letter

The key to building clientele (see below) is to capitalize on as many potential job opportunities as possible. Of course, you will not likely be the only applicant for most openings, so properly crafting a cover letter is essential to turning employers into long-term clients. Be sure to take time crafting your cover letter and add the essential elements – just make sure to customize each cover letter for the specific job to which you apply. You can learn more about how to write a cover letter with this Harvard Business Review resource.

4.) Build your clientele

It is important to know how much work you can handle and try and maximize the number of clients, while not taking on so much that the quality of your work begins to suffer. Once you have the skills necessary to do good work for clients, utilize SkipTheDrive to find work. 

After you learn to craft each cover letter in a manner that gives you a good chance at getting the job over other applicants, you can start to build a clientele of reputable clients, allowing you to make money fast as a remote worker in whichever field you desire and choose to pursue. While the goal is to make money fast, it is essential to also remain patient and trust the process, continually learning how to be better at your craft and continuing to pursue ideal job opportunities.