How Working Remotely Reduces Stress

As anyone who has worked in an office is aware, stress in the workplace is a serious impediment to productivity.


There are a lot of reasons why workplaces are hotbeds of stress, and many are finding that being able to work remotely significantly helps reduce their levels. Many employers are coming around to the fact that the best way to boost their employees’ productivity is to allow them to work from home.

If you haven’t seen our survey we conducted to current telecommuters about how they feel, you should stop what you’re doing now and check it out…seriously, go take a look and then come back.

Fewer Distractions and Interruptions

If you’ve worked in an office, then you know how difficult it is to actually get work done. According to a recent study, employees today spend over two hours a day distracted, and get interrupted from their work on average seven times every hour.

There’s so much activity going on simultaneously that it’s impossible to get anything done…

Contrast this with the comfort of working remotely from one’s home. There are no coworkers around to interrupt you, and it’s easy to set up a home office conducive towards getting work done. The more productive you are, the less stressed you’ll be, and working from home will boost your productivity.

Less Commuting = More Time

Another reason remote workers have reduced levels of stress is that they have significant more time in their day to get work done…

The average American commutes for nearly an hour every single day, and this is a huge block of time which telecommuters have to themselves. Without even taking into account all of the environmental benefits of cutting down on commuting, there are clear benefits for one’s productivity as well.

The more time you have to get things done, the less stressed you’ll be about actually completing that work…

Working remotely is all about making the most of your time. As a remote worker, you can pop out of bed at whatever hour you’d like and start working immediately, without needing to worry out about traffic and wasted travel time. This is what motivated us to pursue telecommuting 🙂

Easier to Refresh

Finding it hard to unwind? There’s good news…

Perhaps the hardest aspect about working in an office is the difficulty in finding moments in the day to rejuvenate. You’re completely surrounded by a work environment, and there’s no escaping it between the hours of 9-5. You can’t just take a break whenever you’d like, and you’re forced to follow office protocol. All of this builds up one’s stress levels, as it’s very difficult to relax in such an environment.

When you work remotely, all of this changes!

Working from home means that you can take a break whenever you feel like it, and this will actually boost your productivity. The fact that it so easy to recharge your batteries throughout the day means that your stress levels will be as low as ever. Best of all, you’ll not only be in a more peaceful environment, you’ll also be more productive than in the office.

Stay Creative

It’s hard to get inspired to think of new ideas when you’re sitting in the same boring office chair all day. This will likely result in you feeling more pressured, which increases levels of stress and makes it even harder to be productive.

That’s not fun for any of us, is it? But wait, it gets better…

When you’re working remotely, you are able to choose your work environment. As a result, many new remote workers report that it is much easier to be creative than it was while they were commuters. This creativity boost allows them to work as productively as ever, and leaves them feeling fresh.