Content Operations Associate

 April 7, 2021
 Austin TX 78701 United States



[A] is on a journey to build a new content operating model that enables personalized experiences by leveraging structured content assets in intelligent and automated forms.


We are looking for a collaborative, innovative, and adaptable Content Operations Associate who will perform the day-to-day business of acquiring, managing, and leveraging content.

Content Operations is a management activity within the Content Services Organization that monitors, evaluates, and guides the content lifecycle and the resulting content experience. Content Operations takes the goals and requirements set by Content Strategy, and the content model and processes developed by Content Engineering and makes them real in terms of how the organization operates. 

The Content Operations team directly empowers and facilitates distributed authoring processes in active production. It is the daily work of the Content Operations team that aligns systems and standards with active processes, making possible the convergence and reuse of structured content types across various content domains.

Think of Content Operations as the glue or binding between the plan for content, the workflows and standards, the content management systems, and the daily management cycles that happen within publishing groups across the whole organization.

This is a remote role that can be done from anywhere in North America. We are unable to consider candidates in NY, CA, and MA at this time).

What you’ll do:

  • Work with the [A] team to create effective workflows, governance, and frameworks for the client’s content lifecycle.
  • Work alongside the [A] content strategist and content engineer who are on the [A] CI Team assigned to your clients.
  • Assist the Content Operations Lead and senior staff in managing all the content transformation and enrichment workflows, those parts of the content lifecycle not directly related to the subject matter authoring itself.
  • Identify process improvements to increase developer and author efficiency by off-loading or automating tasks that don’t require direct developer or author attention. 
  • Assist the Content Operations Lead and senior staff to facilitate the client’s education and adoption of standards, systems, and the enterprise content lifecycle.
  • Assist the Content Operations Lead and senior staff  to collaborate with the client’s technical DevOps, especially where systems developed in-house drive customer experiences as much as the content does.

You may be a good match for this role if you possess …

  • Familiarity with the content workflow and lifecycle, content model, and technology environment and how these work together.
  • Experience writing procedures and analyzing processes.
  • Ability to identify opportunities for efficiency gains and to work with the client teams and the [A] CI Team in a spirit of continuous improvement.
  • Ability to facilitate discussions, ask good questions, and to analyze business requirements.
  • Desire to learn how business requirements map to organizational strategy.
  • Desire to learn how to develop and evaluate KPIs and other metrics at the project level.
  • Experience with content systems planning and implementation, structured content, and content management is preferred.
  • Experience with user research and data-backed analysis is preferred.
  • Understanding of how consulting projects work in content development, content/data conversion and migration, content lifecycle is beneficial. 
  • Understanding of localization is beneficial.

Cultural Fit at [A]

  • You love learning, you love teaching.
  • You are constantly growing your own knowledge, and helping to grow the knowledge of others.
  • You enjoy wearing multiple hats and roles, and titles are not important to you.
  • You do top-quality work, manage quality, and make everything you touch better.
  • You are comfortable working under strict confidentiality agreements and often behind-the-scenes.
  • You are self-organized and manage time and resources well.
  • You are able to not only work alone, but also communicate within a team by sending updates, tracking time, and other forms of communication while you work.

What is [A]?

[A] is the Content Intelligence Service, and we work with clients to create a Content Intelligence System. The Content Intelligence System is a holistic set of people, processes, and tools that maximize content-ROI by ensuring content is coherent, self-aware, and quantum.  By creating a Content Intelligence System, we increase the effectiveness and ROI of the content assets while reducing overall costs.  [A] works holistically to build all aspects of a content intelligence system in partnership with clients and agencies. This includes not just the technology architecture and implementation, but enabling companies with the organizational muscles to drive content intelligence.

What’s Up With the Name?

Our name is easy. Just say “A.” The [A] brackets represent markup, microdata, content intelligence. The letter “[A]” represents the start, initiation, beginning of change. We are going to help change the world with intelligent content.

[A] Team Benefits

Being an [A]gent comes with its benefits. Work from anywhere. Advance your career on the leading-edge of the content and technology sciences. Earn a competitive salary, and for longtime [A]gents, participation in a profit-sharing plan. But many [A]gents find the best part of working as an [A]gent are the other [A]gents you work with and the culture at [A].

We take care of each other and we honor each other’s work and contributions to the team. We work to make ourselves better and our [A] team better. We make efforts to adapt new technologies and methodologies that can help us optimize our time, and we expect you to collaborate on these efforts if you’re an expert on any of those fields. We communicate and reach out to other [A] players.  We love learning. We love teaching. We write. We code. We support each other. For the right people, working at [A] feels like coming home.

If this sounds like you, then write up a cover letter letting [A] know why you want to work at [A], what you do best, and what inspires you.  A great cover letter will say much more than the resume (though we’d like to see that too).