SQL Software Engineer II

 Abarca - Company site
 December 28, 2021

What you’ll do

In a few words…

Or as we like to call you: The Crashvengers. Because you’re the one we call when the computer crashes, (some people call them “technical issues”) and that includes all kinds of software implementations, functions, configurations, and upgrades. The Crashvengers (SQL Software Engineers, aka the Support Software Engineers) resolve customer needs or problems and create problem reports and troubleshooting documents for each issue. They also work closely with development teams to identify and resolve any technical problems that might arise on the day-to-day operation of the platform.

The fundamentals for the job…

  • Debug (crashvenge) and administer diagnostic analysis of cases reported by clients, and be able to propose, and in some cases, implement solutions to mitigate them.
  • Answer internal and external customer questions, as needed, regarding Platform’s functionalities, error messages, etc. (Ever played Jeopardy?)
  • Troubleshoot and document replication steps for complex technical issues, while collaborating with the BSA and Development teams to ensure resolution.
  • Collaborate with analysts and designers in the development group to initiate new software solutions, applications, and/or tools.
  • Analyze business operations in order to educate and assist users in employing systems for improving practices.
  • Maintain frequent communication with peers and IT teams to upkeep awareness of issues or changing processes.
  • Ensure procedural documentation remains current, correct, and relevant. (Otherwise, how could you sleep?)
  • Answer incoming support tickets, calls, or emails in a professional manner and triage them accurately.
  • Provide advanced platform support after normal work hours when necessary.
  • Participate in appropriate continuing education, committee, and meetings as may be requested or required by their immediate supervisor.
  • Perform additional duties as needed.

What you’re made of

The bold requirements…

  • Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Engineering, Computer Science, Technology, or related field.
  • 2 – 4 years of experience in IT operations, Development, or related technology field.
  • Proficiency in SQL Server, NET Framework, ASP .NET, C#, HTML, JavaScript.
  • Knowledge of Web and Windows Applications architecture and Microsoft programing.
  • Godlike interpersonal, verbal, and written communication skills.
  • Plus points if you have knowledge of CMS and HIPPA guidelines.
  • You must be able to communicate effectively (read, write, and meme, etc.) in English and Spanish.

That something extra we´d love to see…

  1. Juggling Skills: Multi-tasking is your middle name and you can pull it off while others are running marathons around you.
  2. Problem Solver: Your superpower is finding the root of a problem and growing beanstalks out of them. (Sort of.)
  3. Organization Guru: You crave organization like sugar, color-code everything, and messes make you crazy. Your attention to detail is keener than Spiderman’s Peter Tingle.
  4. Customer Service: You’re so focused on the customer that you know what they need even before they do. You manage difficult emotional customer situations with grace, meet commitments, and respond to service and assistance requests promptly.
  5. Teamwork: You’re a team player and it’s official cheerleader. Your capacity to create balance and infuse the team with positive energy is key to its success, which is why you’re always seeking and sharing feedback. You’re most happy when the whole team is shining.

The above description is not intended to limit the scope of the job or to exclude other duties not mentioned. It is absolutely not a final set of specifications for the position. It’s simply meant to give readers an idea of what the role entails. Abarca Health LLC is an equal employment opportunity employer and participates in E-Verify.

All qualified applicants will receive consideration for employment and will not be discriminated against on the basis of gender, race/ethnicity, gender identity, sexual orientation, protected veteran status, disability, or other protected group status.