Quality Assurance Lead- REMOTE

 Axelerant - Company site
 June 12, 2022
 Multiple Countries

The Quality Assurance lead consults with accounts for organizational and project-based quality assurance practices, is responsible for assigned quality assurance (QA) programs and their strategic alignment, and is an expert in multiple testing niches.


1. Be polite, yet assertive in being a core member of the service area:

  • Responsible for designing and implementing testing strategies for complex projects.
  • Responsible for providing valid inputs when leadership and peers ask for feedback.
  • Accountable for creating POCs using various tools.
    • Validated by the initiation of several POCs and active participation in them or initiated by others.
  • Responsible for leading the whole team approach to Test Automation in projects.
    • Validated by introducing Test Automation in their respective projects by collaborating with the cross-functional team.

2. Cultivate positive external service area interactions:

  • Responsible for promoting Axelerant’s Quality Assurance service area on various social media.
    • Validated by the number of posts posted on social media every month.
  • Responsible for leading and actively participating in the QA Hackathons.
    • Validated by participation in a number of hackathons.
  • Responsible for presenting Axelerant capabilities on the national platform.
    • Validated by the number of presentations made.

3. Cultivate positive internal service area interactions:

  • Responsible for leading a sub-service.
    • Validated by the creation of a roadmap to develop a mature sub-service.
    • Validated by the creation of a learning roadmap for internal members.
  • Responsible for generating ideas to populate them on the Service Area Quality Assurance (SAQA) board.
    • Validated by the number of tasks created on the SAQA board.
  • Responsible for owning and implementing complex tasks from the SAQA board.
    • Validated by the number of complex SAQA tasks completed.
  • Responsible for independently conducting peer interviews.
    • Validated by the number of peer interviews conducted independently.
  • Responsible for evaluating Test Automation assignments.
    • Validated by the number of assignments conducted.

4. Regularly participate in career development activities:

  • Responsible for at least quarterly self-performance reviews.
  • Responsible for actively demonstrating Axelerant core values.
  • Accountable for organizing and mentoring learn-club channels.


  • Relevant career experience
  • Experience using agile methodologies
  • Experience in automating Acceptance tests
  • Experience using Git source code versioning and Pull Requests
  • Experience working in a consulting or agency environment with enterprise-level clients
  • Experience in any non-functional testing types like Performance, Security or Usability.
  • Experience in API testing
  • Experience in cross-browser testing
  • Experience in cross-device (mobile) testing

Nice to Have:

  • Coachable leadership and presentation skills.
  • Experience providing QA consulting and support.
  • Actively participate in various QA events as a speaker.