Python Software Engineer

 Ciitizen - Company site
 September 3, 2021
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We are looking for a Python Software Engineer to develop software solutions by studying existing requirements and utilizing new and existing software solutions to support the development team and fulfill existing product requirements.  


Provide documentation and demonstration of solutions for the education of new and future developers or customers.

Be able to collaborate with the team to architect new solutions and products

Remain informed on the latest development technologies and practices


3+ years Python programming

Degree in Computer Science or related field.

Ability to develop a product from initial requirements to product delivery

Development experience in a microservices architecture

Strong problem-solving skills

Strong personal commitment to quality 

Experience with designing, implementing, and supporting an ETL pipeline

Experience with running software applications in the cloud (AWS)

Experience with KubernetesKafkaDocker

About Us:

Ciitizen’s mission is to provide Earth’s 7.3 billion citizens with control of their complete health information and give them the choice of sharing it with whomever they want. Period. With this new ownership, patients can share their health history with caregivers, share for second opinions, and with companies/researchers who may hold the answer to their treatment.

All patients have a right to all of their health information, yet existing portals pull only minimal clinical information from a fraction of health care institutions. Current “interoperability” initiatives leave the patient out of the picture and often rely on armies of manual labor to extract key health insights from unstructured textual data—an expensive model which doesn’t scale.

In the near future, citizens will walk into a clinical facility and, with a simple tap of a mobile device, release their health information to themselves, where Ciitizen normalizes unstructured data from across the healthcare ecosystem into actionable visualizations for patients, their caregivers, and clinicians.

Ciitizen has assembled an all-star team, led by its CEO, Anil Sethi (last company was sold to Apple), and is backed by a strong investment team led by Andreessen Horowitz.