Senior Quality Software Engineer – Kafka – Europe – Remote

 Conduktor - Company site
 November 30, 2021
 Kyiv Ukraine

The role

We are looking for an experienced Quality Software Engineer who used to work with Apache Kafka, to join our teams of Engineers and improve the overall quality of our products. We are not looking for QA engineers to simply do “postman” collections.

In our case, QA engineers are experts in the testing area. QA can design test cases, cover functionality by e2e tests, and teach team members to write e2e tests too. QA is a knowledge base about all types of technical tests. Like load testing, security testing, etc. QA engineers are able to define quality vision and strategy for team components.

Also, QA helps to build an effective development process in the team regarding quality. The QA works in conjunction with the team leader of the feature team and is the driver of process changes that affect the quality of the product being created.

About Conduktor

At Conduktor our mission is to help companies operate their data by making their Apache Kafka journey easier. We’re an international startup and we are looking for highly motivated, tech/data-oriented people who want to share this amazing journey with us. We have thousands of happy users around the world from Fortune 500 companies, and we need your help to scale up!

What will you be doing?

  • Be part of our backend teams to improve the quality of our various products
  • Ensure stories have User Acceptance Tests and help the PM and Tech Lead to define them
  • Quality Control: ensure we have vital checks on all our products (metrics, healthchecks), dashboards, ensure critical business scenarios are covered, automate them
  • Quality Assurance: ensure we have everything necessary to prevent defects in our applications (update our builds, add plugins, add processes etc),
  • Improve our Postman collections and work with our DevOps to automate it
  • Run exploratory testing on our products
  • Prioritize defects and scenarios in a useful way (like MoSCoW)
  • Add measurements on all our products and build dashboards for everyone to get insights easily


What skills & experience do you need?

  • 5+ years of industry experience improving Quality in software
  • 3+ years working with Apache Kafka and its extensions (Kafka Connect, Streams, etc.)
  • Be open-minded, criticize existing code constructively and suggest alternatives.
  • Knowledgeable about Front-end Quality Control
  • Be your own leader: we won’t tell you what to do exactly: discover, learn & act
  • (Optional) Years of experience on the JVM (we do Scala

Our Tech Stack

  • React/Typescript (frontends)
  • Scala, sbt (backends)
  • Apache Kafka, AWS, GCP, Docker, PostgreSQL


Perks and Benefits, the good stuff!

  • Premium Health Care
  • Flexible working hours and full remote working
  • Your choice of devices and tools that make you work the best
  • International team with a wealth of knowledge

Thank you for applying! We try our best to update you quickly, feel free to reach out to us at any time via ** Redacted **