Language Quality Assurance Reviewers

 May 28, 2017
 Remote job

Job descripton

Are you interested in freelancing with a successful and highly regarded industry leader in the Vancouver tech startup space? If would like us to know about you when positions become available, submit your resume here and you will be placed in our database for future consideration.

At Globalme, the Language Quality Assurance Reviewer is the guard of quality translations. You will need to review localized products such as websites, mobile applications, games, training etc. and ensure that these products are ready to be released to target markets. You will be responsible for identifying and reporting layout and linguistics defects (from strange wording to typos and punctuation). 

Some products will also require light functional testing. In addition to functional and linguistic reviews, a Quality Assurance Reviewer updates style guides and provides linguistic input as needed.

This is a project based or part time position that can turn into a full time for the right candidates. 

Many projects can be done remotely.

Job requirements

A Language Quality Assurance Reviewer: 

  • has a target language as their mother tongue, with higher education completed in their country.  
  • Has excellent language skills (both in their own language and in English). 
  • Pays close attention to detail – this is a must. 
  • Is able to read and follow complex instructions.  
  • Has a curious personality – you will need to investigate things, search on the Internet in ways that you have probably never searched before. Simply, you need a curious personality. 
  • Needs to feel comfortable using computers (not only email, Facebook, and the internet). You will need to install/uninstall programs and find your way around. 
  • Considers themselves as a tech savvy person. Has an up-to-date computer with stable internet connection.

An ideal candidate is also: 

  • Background in linguistics is preferred. 
  • Open to receiving feedback — you focus on solutions and improvements rather than finding excuses why something doesn’t work. 
  • Problem solver — you figure out problems that rarely have textbook solutions. “Let me figure this out” is a sentence you use often. 
  • Clever and fast — you understand things quickly and are not confused about simple things. 
  • Driven — you’re not someone who needs to be micromanaged and you don’t wait around for problems or quality concerns to hit others’ radars before brainstorming a fix.   

Compensation: Depending on experience, and the location.