Associate Motion Graphics Designer/Editor

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 June 17, 2022
 Remote - USA

Associate Motion Designers/Editors are continuing to gain experience, and are expanding their skillset and problem solving skills. Successful Associate Editors show that they are consistently able to successfully meet and exceed the expectations of their role over time, while also taking on responsibilities of the Editor/Motion Designer.

Key Expectations:


  • Works to build experience within specific area of their subject matter 
  • Typically follows standard processes to analyze situations, versus coming up with new ideas to problem solve regularly
  • Begins to experiment with ideas for new approaches and new projects within job scope.
  • Executes independently after being coached through a problem or example.
  • Completes projects by assigned deadlines
  • Able to handle tasks assigned to them and add input on task breakdown
  • Works in relation to the business goals, makes sure to align all work that they do to those goals. 


  • Works to build relationships across team and department.
  • Builds productive relationships with direct stakeholders.
  • Can effectively lead a team of direct stakeholders towards a common goal. 
  • Can vocalize concerns or blockers when applicable and ask more senior editors or management to help them.
  • Actively participates in team learnings (team meetings, trainings, etc) and lane meetings (status, sprints, monthly, etc)


  • Can generate and think critically on independent creative ideas for existing lane and projects.
  • Occasionally sought out by others for advice and can present to others in the organization. 
  • Becoming a knowledge expert on the process and systems employed by business lane, and can advise non-lane teammates on best practices.
  • Can manage their own day to day workflow (emails, slack, PM software, etc.), are active listeners and rely on support team (PM, producer) when applicable.  
  • Starting to grow estimation skills on their work and timelines
  • Good problem solving skills and resourcefulness in identifying blockers
  • Learning about working within our marketing group, as a member of a video team.  


  • Motion Design:
    • Comfortable with vanilla AE
      • File Types
      • Import 
      • Manipulation
      • Render
    • TRAPS (opacity, rotation, anchor point, position, scale)
    • Layer Styles
    • Basic understanding of Shape Layers
    • Basic understanding of easing
    • Basic Masking
    • Basic Motion Graphics workflow with NLEs
      • Codecs and containers
      • Preparing graphics for editing
    • Elementary knowledge of vector and raster graphic editors
  • Competency in Adobe Suite to be mostly self-sufficient. 
  • Can execute well on at least one type of camera/lenses.
  • Understands basic core concepts of editing, motion design (animation), cinematography but could be leaning towards one over another in the future and if so a grasp on below concepts is needed as one advances: 
    • Editorial: 
      • Proficient in a NLE workflow
        • Importing
        • Syncing
        • Exporting
      • Mastery of Editing Basics
      • Understanding of codecs and containers
      • Experience editing motion graphics and animation
  • Gaining knowledge on on marketing performance for video + platforms
  • Beginning to gain exposure to brand infrastructure guidelines + accessibility best practices and actively make any guidance from them a priority. 
  • Actively learning new techniques, technologies and equipment used by team.

We know the confidence gap and imposter syndrome can get in the way of meeting spectacular candidates, so please don’t hesitate to apply — we’d love to hear from you.


Important COVID-19 Guidance (For candidates applying to roles in the United States):

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