VP Finance (m/f/d)

 November 27, 2020

We founded Pitch in 2018 with a straightforward mission: to bring presentation software into the 21st century. Three years later, we've managed to launch a product that has already given hundreds of teams access to next-level collaborative features and elegant design tools. In the process of building Pitch's product, our organization has grown significantly, and with it the complexity of our operations and finances. As Pitch's first VP of Finance, your role will be to set the course for our financial infrastructure and eventually build a team which will support our next stage of growth.

What you'll get to do…

  • Build, manage, and lead Pitch's accounting, finance, & tax functions. This includes:
    • Design, implement, and maintain robust and scalable accounting & reporting systems and controls which accurately record our financial activity
    • Run company-wide financial planning & budgeting, revenue forecasting, and cash-flow management, in conjunction with our monetization team
    • Own our operating / financial model
    • Coordinate external stakeholders from accountants over auditors to financial & tax authorities globally
    • Work with our leadership team to develop KPIs to monitor & analyse performance
  • Own the entire due diligence process of potential new funding rounds, from legal to commercial, and manage existing shareholders and reporting commitments form an investor relations perspective
  • Be responsible for all the financial and legal aspects for the company‚Äôs commercial relationships with customers, partners, and suppliers, and oversee the vetting process of the latter
  • Work with our external legal counsel to support our teams in any legal matters that may arise.
  • Together with our VP Engineering, CTO and Legal Assistant, you drive data privacy as a core pillar of our strategy.
  • Manage our company's employee stock option program together with our People team.
  • Prepare and provide key outputs for our Company Board, shareholders and management team to drive strategic decisions.
  • Internal and external communication of all of the above via suitable mediums such as Pitch presentations, monthly reports, and board materials.

This role is perfect for you if…

  • You have experience as a Finance leader in a high-growth company, with prior responsibility for financial planning and controls, compliance & legal, and systems. Alternatively, you have led a Finance function in a reputable international business, preferably in the consulting or investment banking industries.
  • You're known for your communication skills and a sympathy for colleagues who are not trained in finance.
  • You have raised money from top notch institutional investors before and feel confident taking meetings with Tier-1 VCs.
  • Ideally, you have previously operated in a technology, software, or digital environment.
  • You love Excel/Sheets and get excited about abstracting complexity into simple formulas and can use data to inform and illuminate business decisions.
  • You have built and led highly effective finance and legal teams.
  • You are fluent in German and have operated in German businesses.

We value diversity of perspective and seek to build an inclusive workplace that welcomes people from all different backgrounds. Come one, come all!