Software Engineer

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 June 21, 2021
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 Remote or Hybrid

Job Summary/Objective:

You’ll be playing a key role in the design, installation, testing and maintenance of software systems. The programs you create will help our customers increase their quality, be more efficient and provide a better service.  

Reports to: Software Developer Supervisor

Classification:   Full-time/Salary-exempt 

Location:  Remote or Hybrid

Essential Job Functions: 

Software Development

●      You develop code involving a range from application components to complete applications.

●       You develop code ranging from quick prototypes to robust production ready solutions.

 Software Design

●       You will work closely with designers and product owners to create successful solutions to customer problems.


●       You will be responsible for creating detailed documentation on your work.

●       You will be responsible for writing code that is readable by peers.


Quality Control

●      You will be responsible for the testing of software components, applications, and complete systems.

●      You will be responsible for writing quality software that is robust and stable.


Customer Support

●      You will provide technical support for trouble shooting in the field.


Knowledge/Skills Needed/Experience



Technical Skills:

  • At RJG our development team utilizes a wide variety of programming languages and frameworks. It is important to be proficient in multiple. The ability to learn and develop skills across a wide array of technologies is a critical part of this role.
  • You must stay up to date on changes in technology and have a willingness and ability to explore new technologies in order to solve problems efficiently.
  • Candidate should possess strong systematic development and trouble shooting skills.

Languages & Frameworks: Typescript/Javascript, Angular, Restful APIs, JSON, Linux.



  • Candidate should possess strong written and verbal communication skills.
  • You will need to clearly articulate ideas to peers and non-technical colleagues and customers.



  • The ability to work with others in a collaborative manner is extremely important to succeed in this role.


Quality of Work:

  • Qualified candidates should have a focus on stability and robustness of their code; Actively working to mitigate rework by spending the necessary time to create robust solutions.  


●      Position requires a four-year degree or equivalent experience.

●      Position recommends 2+ years of experience.


●      Knowledge of Lean/Agile/Extreme Programming is helpful.

  • Knowledge of RJG products and injection molding is helpful

Personal Characteristics:  

●     Excellent organizational skills

●      Ability to manage multiple activities

●      The ideal candidate will be professional, highly motivated, energetic, and willing to adapt to changing conditions.

●      Self-driven, detail-oriented, and a quality conscious “team player”.

●      A good sense of humor will be necessary to fit well into our unique culture.  


Work Environment:  Office setting with occasional remote work site opportunity

 Physical Demands:  Bending, sitting, walking, occasional lifting, occasional driving

Travel Expectations:  Minimal  

 Availability:  Immediate

 What We Do:

RJG is a recognized international leader in the plastic injection molding industry, helping molders and their customers be successful by providing them with training, technology, and resources. We provide our products and services through RJG Regional Sales Offices throughout the world and via the Internet.

 Who We Are:

Are you looking for a career in a company that provides a professional atmosphere and a culture of openness, trust and respect in work hard/play hard environment.? Would you like to work for a company with a corporate culture that strives to treat team members as family and is focused on customer success?  Would you enjoy living in an area that has been nationally recognized for its scenic beauty, amazing food and popular festivals and events?  If you don’t mind an occasional dog roaming the hallways and seeing a spontaneous nerf gun fight break-out, you’ll enjoy our work environment!   

 What We Believe

RJG is committed to being fair to our employees and maintaining an environment that encourages personal responsibility. We seek employees who are committed to preserving and enhancing these values. We firmly believe that the highest quality people produce the highest quality products and services; that strong business ethics flow from strong personal ethics, and that responsible people produce exceptional results.  If this sounds like an environment where you could excel both personally and professionally, then RJG might be the right place for you.  

Pay and Benefits:

We offer competitive wages, and an exceptional benefit package including company paid Health, Dental and Prescription insurance for the employee and dependents.   We offer a minimum of 10 paid holidays per year and paid vacations.  We are a profit sharing company.