Accounting Reconciliation Expert

 December 10, 2020
 Athens, Greece

* Vendor Statement Reconciliations
* Customer Statement Reconciliations
* Balance Sheet account reconciliations to corresponding P&L expense accounts
* Assist in setting up internal processes
* Create analytics of costs by vendor and revenue by customer

* Must possess a professional attitude and communicate effectively with peers and superiors
* Candidate must be able to maintain regular online office hours and use Slack
* AA or BA/BS in Accounting/Finance
* 2-3 years Accounting experience, audit experience a plus
* Proficiency in Microsoft Office suite.
* Proficiency in NetSuite preferred.
* Ability to understand and follow verbal and written instructions.
* Must have reliable fast internet connection.
* Must have a home office setup with dual monitors if possible and a reliable phone.
* Must have a computer with a camera and suitable dedicated work space that is quiet.

You will be doing an internal audit of historical transactions of balance sheet accounts to reconcile incoming vendor bills and whether those expenses were properly recorded and billed to customers. Many services and expenses generated by our company are passed through to clients to pay so this will involve analysis of P&L accounts as well.
You will compare expenses paid by the company to customer contract terms to verify if certain costs paid by the company on behalf of the customer are to be passed through. 

This is a 1-3 month project with the possibility of a perm role responsible for ownership of all pass through billing.