Technical Project Manager – Remote

 Synergy Sports - Company site
 November 19, 2020
 Hel Poland

Synergy Sports, A Division of Sportradar, the single source for computer vision, AI-driven video and data solutions for sports, seeks a talented Technical Project Manager to join our fully remote engineering team.

This position offers tremendous opportunities to work with the only company that delivers on-demand professional-level basketball, baseball, and hockey analytics linked to supporting video to nearly 1500 pro teams, international, and college teams. Our systems are highly complex and contain petabytes of data and video requiring extremely talented engineers to maintain the scale and efficiency of its products.

Synergy’s work environment is geographically distributed, with employees working from home offices. The successful candidate must be comfortable working in a virtual office using online collaboration tools for all communication and interaction in English.

We are a globally distributed team and we work on an asynchronous model with flexibility of when and where you want to perform your job, while still being able to attend team calls and regular meetings. Personal initiative and a strong work ethic are highly encouraged and rewarded.

The company is deadline driven and provides a very transparent freedom and responsibilities culture to all our teams. We strongly believe striking the balance between work and family is very important and our culture is focused on the well being of our team and their loved ones.

This is a software project management role that partners closely with Product owners, Technical teams, Sales teams and Support tiers to help ensure successful planning, delivery, insights, and the iterative, incremental growth of both Synergy products and processes within Synergy.

Note: This is a fully remote role and your physical location can be anywhere in Europe.


Manage multiple data projects simultaneously in a scaling Agile environment, ensuring our highly skilled software engineers can deliver cross-platform, multi-sport data and video services using on-prem and cloud architectures.

Establish and communicate release strategies for small to large initiatives, instituting process and tooling where needed for effective build automations, merge/deployment improvements, configuration management, test and sign-off states, alerts and notifications, logging and performance measures.

Use Product requirements and dependencies to ensure scope, schedule, and resources are aligned to business expectations at all times, in an environment subject to rapidly changing business opportunities.

Help evolve and coach teams in an Agile mindset for planning, execution and operational hand-off practices, establishing scrum or Kanban management of project teams as needed, with twin goals of helping teams before more efficient with sufficient time for planning, costing, and quality management while establishing the insights and value provided by project management offices.

In a CI/CD environment, triage, assign and oversee release of internal, external and 3rd party integrations for API features and servicing requests to schedule, ensuring high quality control and full preparedness for dependent teams and services or products.

Help coordinate dependencies with Product, Data and Operations teams to ship customer products on Mac, Windows, Web and Mobile platforms against immovable sport season schedules with and sometimes waterfall type constraints.

Promote a positive, supportive, and respectful culture – be a champion for change that removes impediments for your teams and be a dedicated facilitator.

Effectively report work status, including progress, successes, actions and risks, during all phases of development, using real-time communication tools and reporting mechanisms.

Expect To:

Work with Product and Technical leaders to understand project goals, schedules and use cases for current and upcoming release targets

Translate Product roadmaps into scoped sprint-based or kanban-based deliverables, with enough costing accuracy and float to deliver to schedule, given dependencies and team capacity

Assign work to team members typically at least 2 weeks in advance via Agile planning processes with Product and Technical leads, aligned to release priorities and sprint capacity

Escalate problems with appropriate severity and recommend solutions or mitigations to technical managers for decisions

Monitor stopped or paused issues, volume of issues in technical review (pull requests) and issues needing more information before they can be actioned to prevent a build up of work that would otherwise derail quality, scope or schedule

Work towards better capacity and delivery reporting, including regression rates, sprint carry over and overall Jira issue tracking, formally and informally

Help document and surface technical debt to planning cycles

Evolve delivery and reporting best practices with the use of Atlassian Cloud products, specifically Jira and Confluence as a continuous improvement effort

Solicit and assess team suggestions for improvements, particularly working to ensure enough time for technical tasks and technical debt alongside feature development— build a better base for the future

Be an advocate and leader for change, leading by example to add value and help teams understand, adopt and adapt processes to best use their talent and achieve committed outcomes


Familiarity with both agile and waterfall work methodologies

6+ years in a similar role in a professional software development environment

Experience working with globally distributed teams in a remote setting

Extensive experience in project planning and implementation to prioritize work activities and accomplish project goals within set timeframes

Strong process skills and ability to effectively understand, prioritize and drive progress with strong attention to detail Exceptionally good communication skills and ability to understand technical complexity and handle high project volumes Strong leadership, organizational and problem-solving skills

Bonus Superpowers:

A background in programming languages and testing procedures, including automations
Familiarity with Mongo & SQL, containerism/Kubernetes, third-party data ingestion and partnerships, cloud scaling Strong understanding of technologies surrounding Machine Learning and AI
Excellent knowledge of performance evaluation and change management principles
A strong interest in sports / passionate and knowledgeable about team sports and stats
Familiarity with localization and translation processes in software