Sales Representative / Customer Support Representative (Remote – Seasonal)

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 September 14, 2021
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About teambuilding™ 

teambuilding™ is a leader in the online team building industry and we are a 100% remote company. We offer a variety of virtual team building activities for remote teams. The goal is to help make jobs awesome… everywhere!

Our Mission

  • We believe that workplaces are made up of kind, hardworking people that want to do their best work.
  • We believe that these individuals, as part of a team, can achieve extraordinary things together.
  • We believe that the work week is f***ing awesome!
  • We are on a mission to inspire teams to do their best work, together.

About Seasonal Hires (October-December)

During the Holiday Season (October, November, December), we experience a large increase in event bookings and are looking for seasonal hires to join our team. The position term is ~3 months (October, November, December) with training starting as early as September. We’re looking to hire 2-5 people for this position as seasonal hires.

Our Events that you will be selling / offering pre-sale customer support are

  • typically 90 minutes of team building awesomeness
  • currently facilitated virtually using Zoom
  • crafted to be wildly entertaining, with elements of intentional team building
  • delivered and designed by amazing creative facilitators
  • typically booked by HR managers or team leaders looking to plan a great event for their team to bond!


Job Responsibilities for Sales Representative / Customer Support

  • This seasonal role is a mix between sales and customer support because we primarily need friendly, knowledgeable team members to help answer questions for our clients as they book events this season.
  • While we of course want clients to book with us, our main focus is providing exceptional client service vs “selling” something. This is not a commissioned, cut-throat sales role.
  • Our Sales Team consists of three main departments: email-only sales support (not this role), phone-sales / support for small deals (this role), and Client Advisors for larger enterprise clients (not this role).
  • This role focuses on prospective or repeat clients who have not yet booked their event. It involves primarily phone calls, sending proposals, and keeping a sales pipeline clean. We also have a VIP Client Success department that helps with customer support after clients book (not this role).
  • Here are the 2 main responsibilities of this role for Phone-Sales / Support:
    • Co-host Zoom Events (Training): You will assist in coordinating our Zoom events by helping the main event host run the event. You will provide support for breakout rooms, help with scoring, and drop links for attendees. You will be required to be “camera ready” (you’ll be on Zoom Video with the host) and manage basic Zoom tech on the backend. This role will begin with a large amount of co-hosting, as it’s a great way to train and understand our various event types. Once you have a strong understanding of our events, then you will move into phone sales / customer support role, which will be your main focus.
    • Phone Sales / Customer Support (Main focus):
      • Client Phone Calls: Clients will book phone calls with you via Calendly to ask questions about event types and the booking process. You will provide them with accurate information, ask question to find the best event type for them, and put together a proposal for them to easily book an event.
      • To be able to speak accurately about our offerings, you’ll be required to memorize details for approximately 10 different seasonal event types and understand the process inside and out (this is why co-hosting is important) 🙂 
      • Maintain pipeline in Close (CRM): You’ll be responsible for maintaining a clean pipeline and timely follow-up pre-booking. You will also follow up after the event to gather any feedback. Organization is key. 

Job Requirements for Sales / Customer Support:

  • Great written and verbal communication in English. Note: authentic > professional language,
  • Extremely well organized
  • Fast typing speed (50+ WPM),
  • Tech-savvy to learn multiple platforms quickly (Slack, Close CRM, G-suite)
  • Wildly POSITIVE attitude! We’re going into a very busy season and we need team members that live to serve and will keep positive vibes even when it gets very busy.
  • Must have access to a personal computer
  • Must have access to reliable internet

Hours and Pay Rates

  • $20/hour + benefits
  • 30-40* hours per week
  • *Training weeks may be lighter on hours while during the peak times in October and December overtime may be available at 1.5x hourly rate.

How to Apply

  • Submit an application online (Please no emails or phone calls)