Marketing Secrets of Successful Online Freelance Entrepreneurs

With the new digital era flourishing all across the world, entrepreneurs have started to consider the online environment as their main way to operate. This is especially true when it comes to marketing. Each and every entrepreneur must be able to market his products in order to improve their brand’s awareness, sales performance, and ultimately their business potential.

Online freelance entrepreneurs are not a fixed category. We have freelancers who built a personal brand, webmasters of niche blogs, forex professional brokers, CEOs, and so on. You get the point. Basically, if you own a business or you’re the name of a business (personal branding), and you’re performing most of your marketing, selling, and branding online, then this post is definitely going to be useful to you.

As I’ve mentioned before, marketing is a critical factor that differentiates average businesses from million dollar businesses. Successful online entrepreneurs do things differently; that is why they’ve reached the top of the ladder.

To tell you the truth…you don’t have to reinvent the wheel in order to succeed like them. What you need to do is pay attention to their habits, mindsets, and actions. You will observe different patterns that those entities keep using in order to obtain constructive results.

In today’s post, we’re going to discuss several “marketing secrets” which successful online freelancers and entrepreneurs consistently leverage in order to develop excellence. Once you’re aware of these tricks, be smart enough to understand that only by implementing them in your real life you will actually be able to notice results. Let’s begin.

1. They’re Highly Focused on Only a Few Things at Once

Most of the successful online freelance entrepreneurs I know of, happen to excel at a few things only. They’re highly focused on their activities, and they’re extremely cautious with disturbances. But that’s not all. What I observe in most of the successful people (not only entrepreneurs) is that they leverage their traits the most.

They somehow understood that leveraging their strengths instead of fixing their weaknesses pays off much better in life. By living under this powerful, positive belief, these successful individuals become more efficient and powerful.

Back to online marketing…In case you’re struggling to develop a consistent and stable source of traffic because you’re jumping from a traffic channel to another, you need to stop and consider.

Think about which channel would suit your marketing strengths best, quit all the others, and focus on that single source until you make it work. Optimize it, scale it, and only then move to the next one. That was an example; use this mindset with everything you do!

2. They Understand the Importance of Highly Targeted Traffic Juice

An effective marketing campaign is a targeted, specific, and controlled marketing campaign. On the internet, every person is considered to be “traffic”, because they can always reach your business through the click of a link. Well, whenever you promote something online, you don’t need “just traffic”. You need highly targeted, quality, fresh traffic.

This type of traffic is made up of individuals who are very likely to be interested in your offer. By acquiring targeted traffic, you’re cutting the expenses of your marketing campaigns by half and maybe even double your sales performance.

So whenever you plan your next marketing campaign, make sure that you advertise and promote your business in places where people are likely to be interested. Find your target persona (very important) and use it to craft a better picture of what “targeted” means for your unique business.

3. They Consistently Test, Optimize, and Scale Up Their Operations

Successful online freelance entrepreneurs never do things superficially. Once they started an activity, they’re treating that activity like the holy grail. What I managed to find out during my years of research is that successful marketing campaigns are built and made sustainable only after an iteration cycle has been performed.

In very simple words, an iteration cycle means analyzing, measuring, optimizing, and scaling an operation. It could be a marketing campaign, a sales funnel, an ad, and so on. Always optimize your business; don’t let it stay the way it is, or else the marketplace’s change will cause a lot of damage.

4. They’re Working on the Physical Plane Instead of the Mental One

When you have difficulties in taking action, there might be more causes. You might be lazy, non-prepared, not emotionally involved. Well, if all you do is make plans without finishing them, you’re maybe experimenting your goals in the mental plane. That means that you keep talking about your plans, visualizing, and dreaming about them.

Soon enough, you’ll feel like you’ve already achieved them. And when you actually need to work to reach them, you’ll lack the power and motivation to do so. That energy is drained; a new idea needs to come in order to be stimulated again.

Well, if that ever happens to you, the reason is this: you’re experiencing everything on a mental plane instead of the material one. What you need to do is take physical action while living the present moment. Focus on one thing only and you’ll accomplish a lot.

5. They Adapt to the Marketplace’s Dance

Harvey Spurs, Marketing Manager at Essay Geeks, suggests:

The marketplace is dancing non-stop. The problem is…it started to dance faster and faster. Nowadays, everything’s shifting at an incredible speed. To tell you the truth, most online freelance entrepreneurs fail to keep up the pace. Human beings like to conserve things. So if one marketing campaign has worked before it does no longer now, an insufficient marketer will keep trying, remaining attached to what used to work.

Well, great online entrepreneurs, freelancers, and marketers are keeping an eye on what’s going on.

As an example, in 2017, email marketing will bring you around 5% to 20% open rates. This is considered to be the most popular and used communication channel. But Facebook’s starting to intervene again. Nowadays, you can build a Facebook subscriber’s list and use it to automatically communicate with your FB subscribers through Messenger Chat. Pretty amazing, right?

6. They’re Building a Legacy Rather than Focusing on “Simple” Transactions

Lastly, yet most importantly, successful online entrepreneurs are not focusing on mere transactions. Instead, they put their time, energy, and money into the foundation of something stable. And what is more stable than a successful brand? Well, on the internet, having a brand gives you plenty of benefits that’ll push your revenues to the top.

Moreover, when you build a brand, you basically have an asset. In most of the cases, you’ll have more assets such as a database of followers, a lot of contacts (names, emails, phones, etc), and the ability to reach a lot of persons in a short amount of time.

Why have successful entrepreneurs come to the conclusion that building a brand is so important? Well, because they’ve probably tested it themselves or they’ve simply accepted it as it is. My opinion is that you should too. Instead of pursuing transactions that have no long-term value, build something that you can rely on in the future!


In order to be successful, you have to be better than the average. That’s obvious. Yet, how can you overstep your boundaries and pull it all together? It starts with your standards and self-esteem. What are your standards about life right now? Do you expect much, or you’re satisfied with just a little? The difference between individuals lies in their standards. High standards? Well, “average” will no longer satisfy you so you’ll have to work hard to feel better.

Moreover, if you want to have the power to commit to change and follow through with the plan, you’d better find the reason why you’re doing everything. WHY do you want to become a better professional? WHY do you pursue what you’re pursuing right now? Find out why… I wish you good luck, and don’t forget to implement this knowledge as soon as possible!


Chris RichardsonChris Richardson is a journalist, editor, and a blogger. He loves to write, learn new things, and meet new outgoing people. Chris is also fond of traveling, sports, and playing the guitar. Follow him on Google+.