New Work-From-Home Data Entry Jobs Available

A Changing Paradigm

Wherever one looks, there seems to be new opportunities for remote work springing up where there hadn’t been any in the past. Perhaps the greatest sign that we are experiencing a change in paradigm in how we go about working has been the recent transformation in work-from-home data entry jobs.

For many years, these jobs were perceived as stereotypical office work and required all of the inconveniences of commuting to an office on a daily basis. Sure, there were part-time and full-time positions available, but it was understood that you needed to commit to a specific employer in a particular location in order to get hired. Put simply, these positions did not exist.

Now, with advances in communications technology and networking, employers have come around to the benefits of hiring remote workers in all sorts of fields. Data entry professionals have been greatly affected, and many new opportunities exist for them.

Working from Home

Practically speaking, this means that a data entry telecommuter will log into a company’s network from his or her own home, and perform the task assigned of them. Companies get to save money by cutting down sharply on office expenses, and employees reap all of the benefits of having flexibility.

Data entry professionals that work from home are typically freelancers, and can be working on completely different projects for an ever-changing list of clients. Due to the essential nature of this work to nearly every major industry, one may find himself working for a wide range of clients. However, the work itself remains fairly consistent, and for those looking for a source of income without feeling the stressful burdens of more intensive work, this may be the perfect outlet.

Big Impact

One of the reasons that this revolution has such great ramifications is because of the sheer number of these professionals in the U.S. According to the most recent statists from the Bureau of Labor Statistics, over 207,000 Americans work in data entry jobs. So, the fact that online opportunities are now widely available affects a very large group of people.

In particular, these positions have been a blessing for stay-at-home moms who are one of the primary demographics when it comes to online work. Data entry positions command an average hourly wage of over $14, which is nearly double the federal minimum wage of $7.25. This comes out to an annual salary approaching $30,000, which many stay-at-home parents would be perfectly satisfied to earn!

A Warning: Watch out for Scams

Even with all of the legitimate data entry jobs available, there are by far many more scams all over the internet. The most common of these scams requires a user to pay a steep signup fee in order to gain access to their “exclusive” list of online data entry jobs, which of course doesn’t actually exist.

Just like in the real world, there’s rarely a justification for paying for work, and the same is true here. Real data entry jobs don’t require payments to be made in advance—after all, you are the one who is supposed to be getting paid! Always do your research on a company before starting work in order to confirm its legitimacy, and you’ll save yourself from the hassles and headaches of dealing with scams.