Remote Job opportunities with Academic Writing

“Remote work is the future of work” – Alexis Ohanian

Till a few years back the only way of earning a livelihood was by getting assigned to a 9 to 5 job and commuting all the way to work. It is but obvious that almost all of us have lived days when five and sometimes six days of the week was utterly chaotic and were spent in getting to and fro from work.  Even today, a large chunk of people live the same monotonous life and tire themselves down in a rather hectic and mundane routine.

However, as I sit down to write this article, I realize how convenient and hassle-free life has become with the onset of technology and with the advent of the worldwide world of the web. Time and again we keep hearing of the wonders that the internet has done, by shrinking the globe even more and by connecting people in ways that we had never imagined was possible. It goes without saying that the internet has revolutionized and changed so many aspects of our life and all this has come with great ease.

When we closely observe the world around us, almost every sector has been revamped and digitized with the automation and the far-reaching proximity of the internet. Be it the way we book our tickets, shop and today even work from the most remote of locations – all this and more has seen a radical improvisation with the help of digitization and the internet. To be precise one such avenue which has seen the maximum changes is that in the life of academic writers.

If you take a closer look at most of the job posting and listings on professional sites such as LinkedIn, you will observe the term ‘freelance academic writers’ a little more than often. As the internet continues to link people irrespective of the distance and location, more and more academic writers can be gainfully assigned to various tasks from time to time basis. All one needs is their writing ability, their smartphones or laptop and not to forget high-speed internet, to pick up various academic writing assignments and make extra money on the side.

The world today is getting more accustomed to freelance workers and as more and more companies are learning the benefits of getting their content written by remote freelancers who know how to their work the best. As more and more organizations capitalize on this type of employment, we have compiled here a list of some of the portals which can give you a head start as you launch yourself in the remote job opportunities field of academic writing.

Get more with Moravia

If you are a qualified and experienced academic writer and language happen to be your forte then Moravia is the portal where you can pick up a lot of remote job projects for translating. Depending on which language you hold expertise in, this portal can give you access to a number of freelancing translating jobs.

Get Going with GoAssignmentHelp

As an academic writer if you are looking for a strong start in the field of academic writing then GoAssignmentHelp is a platform that can give you that initial thrust. They are specifically into providing academic writing assistance to students who need help with almost all sorts of academic paperwork. Your skills won’t go unnoticed and you will get the right attention and the liberty to choose freelancing assignments in the subject and topic that interests you the most.

Walk the SalesFolk

Do your emails spark a lot of interest? And do they force people to read and agree to what you say? If this is the case then SalesFolk is a portal where major sales and marketing companies look for efficient writers like you who can create compelling and engaging content which can trigger the interest of all the buyers.

Generalizing Journalism with Journalism Jobs

Are you someone who aspired to write fiery articles and make a difference to all your readers? Still looking for a chance that can give you the correct break? Well, Journalism Jobs is a journalist-friendly portal that gives aspiring journalists a chance to pick up a diverse variety of remote freelancing writing. What’s more, one can also get the chance to proofread and edit other articles and get a fair idea of how a full-time career will look like in the field of journalism.

Ace the writing test with Writerslab

With academic writing becoming the next big thing, Writerslab is a portal that provides freelancing employment for all those people who hold expertise in their subject and field of interest.  At Writerslab, all the academic writers are spoilt with the availability of options given to them like assignment and dissertation writing services, and they can choose to pick up any academic writing task that interests them.

Working your way with Workana

Workana is a portal that was created almost six years ago.  In a very short time span, they have gone on to build a network of strong freelancing academic writers. As a student, if you are looking to hire the best academic writers, then Workana is the place that you need to check out.

Up your writing skills with Upwork

Probably considered as one of the most reliable and user-friendly academic writing websites, Upwork is definitely a gold mine for all you freelancers who are looking to start on the path of remote academic writing. As a writer, you can choose when to pick up an assignment based on your availability and convenience and the pay is also fairly good. The only criterion on their list is that an academic writer should be well versed with the subject that they write for and should have the ability to finish the taken task on time. As an academic writer if you have these qualities, then there is no stopping you from achieving new heights when it comes to excellence in remote academic writing here at Upwork.

With more organizations now privy to the benefits of giving out more remote academic writing work to freelance academic writers, there is no dearth of options when it comes to the writers. If you are qualified and have the right skill set and a knack of writing, then waste no more time and get started with remote academic writing. Literally, the sky is the limit!


Being Homework Helper in InstaSolv, Henry Jones is a Digital Marketer/Content Specialist who loves to write content and working in GoDissertationHelp, an academic writing service company which provides the best proofreading services in the UK.