Remote Job Opportunities with Amazon

Amazon is among the three most liked companies in the U.S. The retail giant boasts an “excellent” reputation, according to the results of this year’s Harris Poll, in huge part thanks to its employees. Their efficiency is known and celebrated across the globe.

And now, the company is on a remote-worker hiring spree.

Based in Seattle, Amazon operates in many sites beyond the U.S. boundaries, most prominently in the UK, China, Japan, Canada, Spain, Italy, Germany, and France. Its employees are scattered all around the world; currently, there are more than 30,000 of them.

Whether you’re interested in joining their ranks or simply curious about Amazon’s legendary work ethic, read on. Today we’ll talk more about remote job opportunities with the company, but also about its employee satisfaction rates and approaches.

A Brand for Ambitious Employees

Amazon’s work environment doesn’t cater to clock-watchers. You don’t get to become the world’s first trillion dollar company by allowing your hires the freedom to choose their productivity peak hours. Amazon’s warehouse workers may be running on a tight schedule, but Amazon’s deliveries are never, ever late.

Every entrepreneur recognizes that efficiency, productivity, and discipline are key to success. Despite that being the universal business truth, a lot of them are quick to judge Amazon’s “rigorous” work ethic. Opinions are divided among the company’s employees too.

While some employees complain about the “grueling conditions” inside the company, others speak of a “workaholic environment” that helps fuel workers’ ambition. But if you cherish your work-life balance, one employee said, Amazon may not be the best choice.

After having worked at Amazon for eight years, Zach Musgrave explained that successful employees experience an “incredible sense of purpose and accomplishment from participating in Amazon’s very ambitious plans” and don’t mind giving 50+ hours a week.

Amazon Work-from-Home Jobs

But work-life balance continues to be a driving force behind employee’s decisions. Because Amazon’s employer brand image has been hurt by the aforementioned employee testimonials, the company is currently employing a brand new recruitment strategy.

This spring, Amazon will hire 3,000 remote customer service reps.

The brand has already earned the status of a top employer of remote workers by adding 1,750 new hires to the payroll last fall.

From the tactical standpoint, this is a great move on the part of Amazon. Not only will work-from-home jobs help the retail giant repair its reputation but they will also make its workforce more flexible. The benefits are immense for the company and its workers alike.

Job Description and Requirements

Employer brand at Amazon was built on four principles:

  • Customer obsession
  • Passion for invention
  • Commitment to excellence
  • Long-term thinking

Eligible candidates for work-from-home customer service positions are expected to showcase each. Applicants with prior experience, flexibility, and logical problem-solving skills have all the advantages, as Amazon boasts a fast-paced work environment.

For $15 an hour, Amazon’s remote employees will be helping customers with everyday issues such as refunds, returns, promotions, damaged items, and late packages. They will be providing guidance via phone calls, primarily, but also on chat and email.

The official job title is “Customer Service Associate”.

Amazon stresses that the job in question is seasonal, with schedules that vary on an on-need basis – around 60 hours per week during special events and peak seasons, and between 20 and 30 during off-peak times. Benefits are unlocked after 90 days.

For more details, check

Mandatory Training & Equipment

Employees at Amazon achieve operational excellence through mandatory training. The company’s intensive onboarding and leadership programs usually last one month. Employee training software and innovative strategies at Amazon are in charge of remote hires.

Training is mandatory for new customer service associates too. Candidates who get hired for one of these positions will also be expected to obtain office equipment and reliable Internet service that meet the company’s standards before they start with their training program, according to the job description posted to SkiptheDrive.

Customer Service Associate Reviews

In an effort to unravel the enigma behind the “workaholic environment” at Amazon, we’ve checked what the company’s current remote customer service reps had to say about their jobs on Glassdoor. Some of the most frequently cited pros are as follows:

  • Flexible working hours
  • Room for growth
  • Great benefits
  • Talented people

The best aspect of working as a remote customer service associate in Amazon is “the flexibility and the ability to make your own schedule as well as to work from your home, revealed one of the anonymous reviewers. One earlier review read:

I’m a mother of 3 boys, so my schedule is kinda hectic. But Amazon allows a flexible work schedule so I can make sure I am always available for my children. Amazon is my home away from home. If I’m not home with my children, I’m home with Amazon.

Employee discounts, easy career development via corporate training software, and open discussion are frequently cited as well, with more than a few reviewers describing Amazon’s environment as “fun” and the company’s management as “great”.

Wrap Up

To apply for one of the work-from-home positions at Amazon, go straight to Beware of fake Amazon jobs sites – they are everywhere around, promising pipe dreams and stealing employee data. Good luck!


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