Remote job opportunities with Clevertech

As the prospects of fulfilling freelance careers become more and more relevant by the day, successful enterprises are becoming open to valuing and embracing this tendency.

At Clevertech, a company proud of its problem-solving team of software, strategy, and product development experts, the trend of employing professionals on numerous remote positions is already in full swing.

Open-minded, flexible, and committed to excellence

Recognizing the need for flexibility and open approach in recruitment, Clevertech supports professionals in shaping freelance careers that fit their desires, while skillfully matching top talent with complex problems that require creative solutions.

Growing on a solid base built on freedom, mastery, and purpose as core company values, Clevertech has become home to leading tech savvies willing to dedicate themselves to offering top-notch results to numerous company’s clients.

Supporting workplaces that nurture individuality

Saying farewell to cubicles, monitoring, and closed communities, Clevertech opens its doors to creative individuals willing to make a mark.

Choose your place, pick your time, set your tempo. Work wherever you are, whenever you’re the most productive. They want you to be result-driven, not obsessed with meeting the daily hours quota.

They’re proud to boast the Paper writing service software writing experts’ evaluation naming Clevertech “the #1 software company nurturing inclusivity and welcoming all cultures and experiences onboard”.

Benefits tailor-made to make work become a pleasure

Highly rated by Topresume and velvet jobs professionals, Clevertech is built to stand out. Their comprehensive benefits package is designed to support the professional and personal development of each member of their staff. They’re happy to create opportunities that make each team member content and happy at work, wherever their office may be at the moment.

Besides setting up a personal development fund and providing tenure-based rewards for their employees, they offer a month-long paid time off and a variety of workshops, courses, and books to help you grow. Get in touch to hear more of their secrets – they guarantee you’ll love them.

They’d love to keep in touch! Here’s how to find them

If you’d like to stay up to date with their latest news, remote job opportunities, and other insights, check out their website and look them up on social media.

Working exclusively remotely since 2016, Clevertech believes proven professionals need no hand-holding in doing their daily tasks. Claim your freedom, enjoy the benefits, and grow and develop as a part of an international team of software experts.

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