Remote Job Opportunities with Dell

If you’ve never heard of Dell, you must’ve been living under a rock for the past few decades 🙂 Dell is a U.S. technology giant founded in 1984, and is headquartered in Round Rock, TX. They currently employ over 100,000 people.

What is it like to work for Dell?

Dell promotes an environment that is rooted in the entrepreneurial spirit in which they were founded. Their team members’ health and wellness is a top priority to them.

Their Connected Workplace program encourages employees to find new ways to work, and focuses on results as opposed to focusing on where the work was done. They are quick to note that adapting towards a flexible environment allows them to compete for the best talent possible. In other words, they are not limiting their talent pool based on geographical locations. They emphasize how beneficial this work paradigm is for the environment, as well as the cost (and space) savings.

The Connected Workplace program for flexible work includes:

  • Mobile (Telework) – Perform full-time job responsibilities from one to four days per week at a site other than the primary location
  • Remote work – Perform full-time responsibilities exclusively from a location outside of the primary location

If these aforementioned opportunities aren’t available, other flexible options they offer include flextime, part-time, job sharing or compressed work week.

According to, Dell’s company rating received 4 stars out of 5. While perusing some of the reviews, I noticed some key takeaways when weighing the pros and cons:


  • Fun environment. One person mentioned they had a ping pong table on the premises, another mentioned a basketball court (though if you’re working offsite, you’d miss out on this!).
  • Great team culture
  • Good work/life balance
  • Opportunities for career advancement and training
  • International staff
  • Allowed to work in communities and give back
  • Appreciation and awards
  • Productive environment
  • Good benefits package
  • Some places offer free food


  • Office politics, like any other large company
  • Looming threat of layoffs in 2017 since they acquired EMC back in September, 2016
  • A lot of work is being outsourced
  • Many of the former EMC employees that were acquired by Dell seem to miss their previous company
  • Pressure to perform at high levels; often gauged by metrics
  • Long hours at times
  • With regards to customer service, many times the customer is put above the employee
  • Virtual/offsite employees might not have as much opportunity to advance

Dell’s plans for remote work in the future

Michael Dell is the founder and CEO. Today 25% of their employees work remotely either full-time or a few days per week. Michael would like to see 1/2 of his employees work from home by 2020.

The opportunity to work from home for them is not simply a perk for employees. It is a good business strategy that saves money and help the environment.

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