Remote Marketing Jobs: 7 Pro Tips for a Successful Digital Nomad

A remote marketing job is probably every office marketer’s dream. The freedom, flexibility, and the joy of being your own boss are perceived as the ultimate benefits by most office workers.

And yet, remote marketing jobs (as well as every other remote job) are often extremely difficult, stressful, and overwhelming.

A digital nomad’s work is, in my opinion, ten times harder than a normal job. Having your own schedule and deciding what to do each day puts you in a tough position – should you work today or tomorrow? How about next week?

1. Have a Well-Established Purpose

As an employee, you’re likely to follow the company’s purpose and objectives. However, every employee can make the choice of making his own personal and professional objectives.

For example, the company you work for sets a yearly objective that everyone should work on. You can interpret this in two ways:

  • You can simply work and provide average quality results (that are satisfying, but not remarkable).
  • You can make a huge change in your company’s future by giving you 100% and by coming up with out-of-the-box ideas.

Now, this is a difference of purpose. If you want to become #1 marketer in your company, country, or the entire international industry, you’ll never waste time and never “cheat” the system through shortcuts.

Finding a purpose is the first step towards a successful and satisfying life and professional marketing career. As a remote professional, you get enough “space” to think about your purpose, objectives, and what you care most about. If you don’t you’ll be running blindly towards no ends.

2. Overdeliver Frequently

How often do you overdeliver on your tasks? Your boss wants you to get something done, and you do it, but how often do you exceed his expectations?

Do you ever try to do your job better only because you want to show how good you are? Do you care about your company’s wellbeing?

If none of these reasons motivate you, one should:

When you provide a high-quality job, your professional reputation grows. Your value grows, as well as your opportunities to get a nice promotion or a significant raise.

For example, essay writing service Essay Mama was the first company that hired me while I was a student. Working for a custom essays service is just like working remotely – you do it from wherever you want, whenever you want, and you dedicate as much effort as you want. After one year of average work, I decided to overdeliver and provide students with amazing work.

It wasn’t long until the father of a student (who was a highly successful businessman) asked for my services while tripling my pay rate. Lesson learned!

How can you overdeliver in marketing?

Simply do your homework well and keep improving your knowledge and skills as time goes by. When you work, work consciously and have some clear objectives for yourself. Again, give your 100% to the task and don’t care about anything else. The mindset is that if your campaign generates today a good ROI, tomorrow, the ROI should be even better.

3. Don’t Stop the Conscious Learning

Are you still educating yourself properly? I’m asking you many questions because I want you to repeat these questions in mind and answer for yourself.

Conscious learning is the process of learning that you set for yourself, on a conscious basis. Simpler put, if you make a habit of reading business and marketing books each day for an hour, you are consciously learning new things.

If you perform a task and you learn something throughout the process, that is unconscious learning. It is not programmed, and it simply happens.

Well, we all learn like that, but the difference between average professional and highly successful ones lies in their conscious learning standards.

4. Test, Test, Test

Being a digital nomad forces you to test new things. Since you’re not spending 8 hours at an office and you get to make your own schedule, you’ll need to constantly test and improve the way you do things. Here are some aspects that I would pay attention to if I were you:

  • Do you regularly go to sleep and wake up at the same hour? If not, you should.
  • Do you work better (overall) during the day or during the night?
  • Should you start with the logical work or with the creative work?
  • Are there activities throughout your day that need to be improved?
  • Should you create new habits or get rid of others?

What I’m suggesting is you go through an introspection first. Simply think about your life and career. Are you doing it right, or you’re ignoring aspects that you know you shouldn’t be ignoring?

Testing everything is the perfect way to find the best routine as a digital nomad. Testing, as you may know, is equally important in digital marketing and analysis. You cannot run a successful marketing campaign without testing and testing again.

5. Cultivate Consistency, Resilience, and Persistence

Here’s a simple one:

“If you want to be golden, you need to be really tough. Strong and successful individuals are always fighting for their goals. They get up when they get knocked on the ground, and they try to do better.” – Mark Johnson, founder of Pro Essay Writing.

Consistency, resilience, and persistence – three different concepts yet extremely interconnected. Habits bring consistency, failures improve resilience. Persistence? Well, it goes between the two and acts as the factor that “pushes you” one step forward even when you feel like it’s impossible.

6. Do It Now, Not Later

Why procrastinate and create so much suffering? Procrastination is caused by ignorance but is also a direct consequence of the fact that we associate work with pain.

You see, we’re only trying to avoid pain and gain pleasure. These are the only two choices we have. When you have to design or implement a marketing campaign, you’d only want to procrastinate if you’d be afraid of failing, if you were bored, or if the work you do doesn’t truly resonate with you.

Nevertheless, you should acknowledge procrastination and do your very best to overcome it. How do you do that? Simply move beyond it. The moment you’re aware that you’re in “procrastination mode”, you are basically strong enough to decide not to procrastinate anymore. It’s all in your head, so try it. It’s simple!

7. Disconnect Before You Burn Out

It’s not just freelancers and remote workers that burn out often. Traditional employees do it too, only that it’s much rarer.

A remote marketing guy, like you perhaps, will be under constant stress. Marketing is a very interesting job because it makes you get attached to your work fast. Your ideas, strategies, and implementations are basically the causes you set into motion, while the results (ROI) is the effect of your knowledge, skills, and actions.

“It’s quite normal to burn out after ten failed attempts to reach your objectives. It’s normal to become overwhelmed, but that doesn’t have to happen. You can prevent yourself from going “low” by taking things easily the moment you feel under a lot of pressure.” – Jane Digweed, marketing manager at XpertWriters.

You need to realize that no matter the consequences, it’s not worth torturing your mind and body with so much stress.

You need to disconnect.

That means you cut a bit of the emotional rope and give yourself some mental space. Focus on hobbies, family, take a vacation or do anything that takes your mind off work. Come back fresh and voila – a crisis has been avoided!

Final Words

As a marketing nomad, you can be mediocre, average, or exceptional. Quite frankly, it’s definitely up to you. Your standards, purpose, and objectives, as well as your knowledge, skills, and attitude towards your job, are always going to influence the results and the level of satisfaction you get.

Find your real purpose, overdeliver constantly, improve your knowledge and skills every day, test, test, test, be persistent, self-disciplined, and aware of your incoming burnouts. That’s it! You can do it!


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