Sales Development/Account Research


Enterprise Tech Sales Development/Account Research

SUMMARY: Our firm is a Quadrant Leader in the lead generation space for the enterprise tech industry. We have many Fortune 1000, Fortune 500 clients that are well recognized as the market leader in their selling space. We are currently looking to expand our SD/Lead Gen department.

The qualified candidates for this position for our firm must have related experience researching, gathering and managing information in complex environments.

The candidates must have:

  • Demonstrable experience and expertise in conducting effective discovery-based, peer-to-peer intelligence gathering conversations with VP/C-level executives
  • Understand how to have discussions that result in buy-cycle and legitimate interest for our clients.


Conducting targeted nationwide discovery calling into corporate accounts at the management level to gather intelligence on IT initiatives our clients would pursue. You will be contacting 30-40+ prospects per day using a unique model.

We provide a researched record ready for you—you are not starting at zero, you are starting with a vetted database of select accounts.


* Possess executive-level awareness and knowledge of major industries and grasp how enterprise technology solutions drive those businesses within each sector

* Have an ability to refresh their own knowledge base with new information and data gathered from engaging with each prospect

* Have an ability to map new information onto an existing mental model of how all the pieces fit in the various industry sectors that utilize enterprise applications solutions to drive their businesses

* Able to circumvent the barriers of typical vendor handling personnel and built-in voice mail or phone system vendor filters to reach key executives

* Possess an executive presence on the phone so that the prospect feels like they are talking to a peer executive and not a telemarketer reading from a script

* Articulate in speech and writing

* Agility, resourcefulness, creativity, and quickness in your thinking abilities during discovery conversations so that you know how to respond to executive feedback

* Demonstrate a high level of multitasking in the management of outbound calling, application of approved calling techniques and formula for consistent results, real-time learning and application of customer data and information, managing the call pipeline, refreshing the call database, etc.

* Demonstrate a clear understanding and appreciation of the relationship between the quality of their deliverables and the acceptance criteria

* Understand the requirements of a sales organization to effectively conduct a discovery conversation with an executive and dissect its results to determine what is useful to a sales rep, and then be able to articulate in writing only what can be leveraged to penetrate a prospective customer account

* Established home office set up and track record of successful remote work.

How to Apply:

In an email:

  • Write a cover letter telling us about yourself
  • Add a link to your LinkedIn profile
  • Paste your resume

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