Save Time Filling Out Job Profiles and Resumes

Let’s face it, the process of constantly filling out job applications, resumes and profiles for job sites can be repetitive. It’s a draining, time-consuming task that often yields no response from hiring managers.

Many company websites have their own system that they want you to register on, and spend time filling in all of their required fields. People may argue that this is by design – it weeds out those that aren’t very serious about the job. However, the amount of repetition involved can be frustrating.

If you’re finding that you’re doing an awful lot of repetitive typing with regards to your work history, resume, profile, cover letter and job references, the tool below will help speed up the process for you.


prokeys interface

ProKeys is a free Google Chrome extension (also available on Opera), that allows you to define and save text snippets, do math in your browser, auto-complete and much more. For the sake of filling out online profiles, we will focus on the ability to save numerous snippets of text, which can then be pasted to speed up the process.

ProKeys Installation

ProKeys takes only seconds to install…

  1. To install ProKeys on Google Chrome, go here.
  2. Select the Add to Chrome button.
    Add to Chrome
  3. Next, select Add Extension.
    add prokeys

That’s it! ProKeys is now installed within your Chrome browser. You’ll notice the ProKeys extension icon in the upper right of your browser. Another way to access your Chrome extensions is by selecting the Customize and control Google Chrome icon in the upper right of your browser (the icon with three vertical dots) and selecting More Tools -> Extensions.

Setting Up ProKeys

The ProKeys interface is very intuitive and laid out in an easy-to-use format.

Creating Folders

I’d recommend creating a top-level folder (i.e. Job Seeker Profile) where the text snippets can be added. In order to create a folder within ProKeys, follow the steps below.

  1. Click the “+” symbol in the grey header.
    add folder prokeys
  2. Underneath the header, you will be presented with two options. Select the option Create new Folder.
    create new folder
  3. Name your folder whatever you’d like. In the example below, I named the folder Job Seeker Profile and chose to keep the folder in the top level. ProKeys will allow you to add sub-folders if you’d like.
    job seeker profile
  4. Save the folder by clicking the check mark in the upper right.

Creating Snippets

Now that the folder is created, we’ll add some text snippets to it. Some of the common fields for job seeker profiles, online resumes, etc. include

  • Contact information
  • Work experience
  • Education
  • Skills
  • Parts of your resume (or even your entire resume)
  • Cover letters
  • References

To create a snippet of text, do the following:

  1. Select the Create new Snippet button, and name it something meaningful (i.e. “Contact Information”). If you do not see this button, select the “+” button in the grey header.
  2. You’ll see two types of editor modes, Textarea and Styled Textbox. The Textarea is raw text, whereas the Styled Textbox has a toolbar that allows you to add more styling and formatting.
  3. Add the desired text (i.e. contact information) within that snippet.
  4. In the section named Nested under/Move to folder:, select the new folder you created (mine was Job Seeker Profile). This will place the snippet within that folder.
    move to folder
  5. Save the snippet by clicking the check mark in the upper right.
  6. Repeat steps 1 – 5 for all of the snippets you’d like to create.

Pasting snippets from ProKeys into your profile

Now that you’ve created your snippets and saved them into your folder, the snippets are available via Chrome’s context menu.

Suppose you need to fill out your contact information within your online job profile. Place your cursor within the text area of your profile, and right-click to bring up the context menu.

prokeys context menu

Paste in your snippet of contact info, and move on to the next field. That’s all there is to it!

ProKeys Settings

Though you should be fine with the default ProKeys settings, I did notice some unexpected behavior while typing in various text editors within Chrome which was a result of this extension. When I was typing in double quotes or opening parenthesis, there would automatically be a closing quote or closing parenthesis added. The reason is because of the Auto-Insert character pairs option. I simply removed those pairs and had no problems.

You’re also able to prevent ProKeys from working on various sites under the Block Sites option.

Importing/exporting data within ProKeys is possible, as well as restoring data from a previous version.

Happy pasting 🙂