Software Engineer – Full Stack JS (Remote)

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Job description

Are you a smart engineer who knows JS? We’re looking for 2-3 people that have an insatiable hunger to: build great products, expand their engineering recipe book, and rise in their craft like a well-made bread. You should be very comfortable with JS and its variants, and eager to use it to build useful things using the full stack.

Pay commensurate with experience and location.

Like what’s on the menu?

Apply now and tell us about your favorite food to start the conversation.



  • Fire in the belly – hunger for building great products!
  • Great understanding of JS/ECMA Script
  • Solid computer science fundamentals
  • Ability to learn quickly & desire to grow/expand as an engineer
  • Love of food – if you drink Soylent look elsewhere!
  • Significant time-zone overlap with GMT+5:30 and GMT+7

Nice to haves

  • Experience with React.js and MEAN stack
  • Working knowledge of MongoDB
  • Knowledge of REST & demonstrable experience working with REST APIs
  • Interest in graph programming or big data



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